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How to adjust to a new environment

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I have had the fortune to move to a new environment in another state. It has been a little stressful and I wanted to share some ideas that may make moving to a new place easier for you.

  1. Allow yourself time to adjust. I have been in my new place less than a week yet I want to continue with my life as though I had never left my previous place. It takes time to learn geography, culture, weather and so many other less defined things. I found it helpful to meditate and to allow to absorb my environment.
  2. Make time to connect to others. This is always important but even more so when moving to a new place. Take every opportunity to attend every social event you can. Find a group to join, and hang out in the popular places. Be friendly and be interested in others.
  3. Be open to feeling a little odd at first. You aren’t going to reflect your society in your first week. It might take a month or a year. Be ok with sometimes feeling strange, and admitting your discomfort. Often when you feel awkward so do others. Being emotionally honest is a very helpful thing in making friends.
  4. When you love life, look for ways to share your enthusiasm with others. Invite others to do things in public. Invite and don’t expect, but just give people opportunities to get to know you. Often people can be shy and not share who they are because of their own fears.
  5. Smile and laugh. Look for ways to enjoy life. If others are around you great, great. If they are not, that is ok too, because a naturally happy person soon attracts attention.

The distortion of Research-the cycle exposed

phd051809s.gif from – StumbleUpon. Too often true. It is hard to summarize research and put it in context so it almost always is misrepresented. Perhaps one day we will all be geniuses and appreciate things as they really are.

The Experience Economy –

The Experience Economy – It is interesting isn’t it? Rich people look for happiness often through purchasing things. The smarter ones look for experiences, yet their wealth often gets in the way. What kind of game is life if money can fix almost all of its issues? It is almost like without suffering in life people are too bored to enjoy it. Isn’t that a perverse thought?

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Interesting keeping of history. It’s sometimes amazing to see what happens when you hold onto things. You really learn many things in life.

Comedians are always the smartest people (via A Man With A Ph.D.)

Nice video. It is always interesting to see what Carlin believes.

George Carlin on Science and the Meaning of Life[Via Cosmic Variance] George Carlin, asked about the meaning of life, proclaims his love for astrophysics and particle physics. And the cyclic universe scenario, in particular. The interviewer, sadly, is pretty clueless, and wears his cluelessness like a badge of honor. Carlin shows quite a bit of restraint. [More] My theory is that good comedians, by t … Read More

via A Man With A Ph.D.

Scientific Progress Most Bizarre and Baffling Moments

Some surprising dead ends here at TIME.

via Scientific Progress Most Bizarre and Baffling Moments.

Eniac (via photos, art, literature, history)

It is amazing to think that the human race created something like this in the past. How complex and perfect everything must have had to be.

Eniac Technician manipulating 1 of hundreds of dials on panel of IBM‘s room-size ENIAC computer Location: Aberdeen Proving Gro, MD, US Date taken: 1947 Photographer: Francis Miller … Read More

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Future blast from the past (via It’s Alive!!)

Its funny to see old videos and their production values and philosophy.

via Here’s Why Take in some futurology from the past in these videos – A combination of industry propaganda and promotions from the early 20th Century. “Frontiers of the Future” (A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas) (1937) “To New Horizons” (1940) “Century 21 Calling” (1964) “Connected Earth” (1969) Youtube Can you see some modern day inventions, perhaps in a slightly different form? And how about those inven … Read More

via It’s Alive!!