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Make Windows leaner, cleaner and faster News TechRadar UK

Make Windows leaner, cleaner and faster News TechRadar UK.  These are good tips if you are needing the best performance from Windows.

PC Mag: The Fastest Mobile Networks 2010

This result is in dispute by some comments of the people who lived there.  I was in San Francisco earlier and the speed and dropped calls were terrible.  Talking with the citizens of this fine city confirmed how bad AT&T was.  So take this with a grain of salt.

Having issues with slow iMovie performance?

This article iMovie ’09: Slow performance when exporting video gives you some insight into how long you should expect iMovie to be busy . It also gives some important troubleshooting and optimization tips.

XP vs Vista vs 7 and benchmarks

A great in-depth review in this article.  Windows 7 isn’t automatically better than XP.

Logic Pro/Express: Tips for balancing multi-core performance

If you do heavy Logic work then this Apple Document will help you.  Perhaps the next version will have this core management built-in.

The 5 Best Free Benchmark Programs for Windows

It has a good comparison and list here.  Good to do if you need the performance.

Is the Mac Dictionary consistently slow at startup?

Then infogeeks2 solution may solve the issue for you like it did for others.  “I had the same problem. I deleted the files:
from the Users/…/Library/Preferences folder.
After that, took a long time to launch the first time but launched instantly after that until I changed the preferences.

The Dictionary Preferences pane took a long time to open or would hang. opened instantly if I did not change any preferences. If I changed the preferences, would again be slow to startup, even after restarting repeatedly. Deleting the .plist files seems to fix the problem but I can’t change Dictionary preferences without the problem re-occuring.”

Is Link Aggegration on the Mac worth doing?

This person believes so.  He explains how to achieve this, and even shows some numbers and performance.  Nice work!