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Are internal links narcissistic?

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I was reading about Bounce Rates here and I thought about a change in links that I did a few months ago. I learned from Google Webmaster tools several months ago that my bounce rate was 90%. The reason was that all of my links were outbound, and I had no internal links. I didn’t have internal links because I thought it was narcissistic to always be referring to myself. However I have seen that many of the most popular and well-regarded sites the majority of their links pointing to themselves. So I decided a few months ago to abandon that linking out only strategy for a mixture.

I still wonder sometimes if all the internal linking is any different from shameless self promotion. It seems far better to me to allow others to rank your best content. I think social services like StumbleUpon really help us understand what people want. What would be cool is if there was some technology to turn blogs into some of the wiki technology. Allow anonymous visitors to rearrange your website into a more useful experience for them. Eventually the website would have the information that you give, but the format that helps the largest number of people. I wonder what websites would look like then?

Strange emails I get: May I guest post?

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Today I got an email from someone I had never heard of offering to write a guest article for my blog. I had never been approached for this before, and she included her URL so I took a look. It was a pretty spammy website. It had a huge number of outbound links. Clearly it was a link farm. In addition it had stock photos and looked like that old domain parking look. It had some articles that had a large number of links as well. Probably an SEO did that blog and is selling links.

It always surprises me that emails that I have received. Most of them I ignore, like the attempts to get me to write about their product or service that has no relevance to my audience. I wonder if they even look at the website they are trying to spam? What I don’t understand is that they expect to get people to link to them. They don’t offer anything unique so why should I?

Really Google? Penalizing Good Sites To Get Some Bad Ones

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Really Google? Penalizing Good Sites To Get Some Bad Ones. I have already covered the fallout here and based on my experience here. For some lucky people they have their sites reinstated.

Google Page Level Penalty for Comment Spam – Rankings and Traffic Drop SEOgadget


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Google Page Level Penalty for Comment Spam – Rankings and Traffic Drop SEOgadget. This is surprising. Having spam in your comments will lower your page ranking. Gives you a pretty good reason to install Spam filtering or be careful with approving comments.