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Geek Squeak (#99): 12 New File Formats in the Google Docs Viewer (via What’s On My PC)

I wonder if Google will allow you to define file types one day. That would be helpful for those who have legacy files.

Geek Squeak (#99): 12 New File Formats in the Google Docs Viewer Google Docs is worthy of a What’s On My PC – Geek Squeak. Cross posted on the Official Gmail blog – February 18, 2011 Google Docs has launched support for 12 new files types: Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 (.PPTX) Apple Pages (.PAGES) Adobe Illustrator (.AI) Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF) Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) PostScript (.EPS, .PS) TrueType (.TTF) XML Paper Specification (.XPS) Not onl … Read More

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Missing Spaces in .docx Files (via Kan’s Home)

Microsoft Word 2010, Navigation Pane

Image by Ivan Walsh via Flickr

What strange behavior. Why not just assume a .pdf format spacing as the default and only overwrite that if the user specifies a printer expressly?

I recently encountered a weird problem in .docx files. I have Microsoft Word 2010 installed at home, where I saved my homework in .docx format and synced it to Dropbox. But when I opened the same file on school computer, which has MS Word 2007 installed, I noticed that some spaces between words are missing. I thought “Wow how could I be so careless?” and added those spaces back. However, the spaces were gone again when I opened the document at ho … Read More

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Free PowerPoint file format converter

Free PowerPoint file format converter.  Nice Automator workflow that can simplify conversion if you have a folder or many PP’s.

Trying to open .xlsx, .docx, or .pptx file in Office for Mac 2004:

Trying to open .xlsx, .docx, or .pptx file in Office for Mac 2004:.  If you click on the link above you will learn that you have to download and install the Open XML File Format Converter.  Nice that you have some forward compatibility.  MS changes its download links or I would have included it in this article.