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How to create a custom cell format in Numbers

GTR gives a clear and logical answer here.  What at time saver this would be!

In Numbers do you need vertical text in a cell?

Barry has a couple of good suggestions.  Sort of obvious when you think about it.  One way is to narrow the size of the column.

Do you want to color background of chart based on day in Numbers?

You can do so with Barry’s great programming skill. He is a very helpful contributor!

In Apple Numbers can you convert numbers into text?

Looks like Yvan has a script on doing this.  Excellent work.

“Such a script is available for months on my idisk :


Download :

For_iWork:iWork ’”

Is Pages or Numbers hanging when you try to open an existing doc or create a new one?

Do you have any shady printer drivers installed?  Thats what happened with svn.  His solution? “It appears iWork hanged on my printer(s) configurated.
Also the pref. pane wouldnt open, that’s how I found the problem.

Deleted /etc/cups/printers.conf and the problem was solved.

I did have some shady windows printers installed..”

Numbers App makes spreadsheets fun!

Well this article would want you to believe it  Numbers Turns Scut Work to Fun Work.  Numbers can be fun if they are working for you.

How to create a weekday block easily in Numbers 09

Barry has a brilliant suggestion for this.  Some simple programming but it works great.

“For dates in column B, starting in B2.
Enter the first Monday date (May 10) in B2.
Select B2, then drag the round control at the lower right down four rows to B6 (May 14).
Click on B7 and enter =B2+7
Select B7 and drag the control down as many rows as you need.”

Having problems copying data to Numbers from Excel?

Barry’s explanation is a little long but correct.  The poster did say it resolved the issue.