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Need to access program menus faster?

MenuPop Menu Utility Review Updated MacLife. I often see people with large monitors become very good at using keyboard commands because of the time it takes to move the mouse to the menu bar. This program is another alternative. The $5 program works in Snow Leopard programs and allows the menu to be available with a keystroke. Might save time. Would have been better to be activated with a right-click.

Magic mouse not working after wakeup

Apple – Support – Discussions – Magic mouse not working after wakeup ….  I saw a gentleman who had this problem today.  He restarted his computer to solve the problem.  Next time there is a better solution for him.  Just look in System Preferences > Bluetooth > Advanced and check “Allow Bluetooth Devices to Wake this computer”

Switching primary mouse button with keyboard shortcut

Three-button mouse

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Switching primary mouse button with ….  Samppa figured out a script to do this easily.  Great work!

IOGraph Knows What You’re Doing (via Zachery Hall)

Fun software. Could be helpful to be more efficient.

IOGraph Knows What You're Doing Eh, to a comfortably limited extent. IOGraph tracks your mouse movement creating art. Pauses become blotches. What'll the Russians come up with next? Try it here for Mac or PC. … Read More

via Zachery Hall

Can’t reinstall from the install disk?

Pink computer mouse in the dark

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This had a surprising answer.  It was the mouse!  “Turned out to be a really simple fix. A few of the strange behaviors made me think it might have something to do with my mouse. Sure enough, I switched out my mouse and everything is working fine. I guess my old mouse (a 3rd party mouse by Evoluent) went haywire.”  You rarely suspect that kind of problem for this issue.  I was wondering if it might be some kind of damage like a disk or something.

Want a wireless mouse that looks like a car?

This would be a fun gift for someone who loves cars.  You can find a review of it here which is mostly positive.

Is your Mac not being woken up when you move your mouse?

It happened to one gentleman here. If this happened with a bluetooth mouse I might suspect there is a problem with interference or perhaps a corrupt mouse/bluetooth plist.   If it happened with a a wired mouse I would suspect a problem with PRAM which it turned out to be.  Thanks Gilles99!  You can find out more details about PRAM in this Apple article.

Are you a designer and need a 3D controllable mouse?

This is amazing.  It is $500 and takes multiple inputs at the same time.  It is called the 3DConnexion SpacePilot PRO