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Error -41 work-around copying files from server

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Error -41 work-around? …. This person solved their own problem. They changed the permissions and propagated them through the folders and it fixed the problem. This is a good general first step if you get these kind of errors.

Seths Blog: Working with Apple Tech Support

AppleCare Error

Seths Blog: Working with Apple Tech Support. Nice set of instructions that could give you better service if Applecare is still in force. error on bootup

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Apple – Support – Discussions – hello.connectivity.m …. Nice instructions. drbeez has it figured out.

I finally got a Senior Advisor, Taylor, at Apple to answer this. Three previous technicians claimed they’d never heard of this issue.
APACSD is Apple Wide Area Connectivity Service Daemon. It is a function of MobileMe. It doesn’t pertain to BTMM only, but to a world of connections such as Calendar, Contacts, Synch, iWeb, etc.
Taylor explained that this a a form of handshaking between MobileMe and your Mac. If the connection is disabled by your firewall protection, you will see many malfunctions in anything MobileMe-related. is a platform established in OSX 10.6.6 that will later support other added services.
Funny. The third technician thought I was worried about the government seeking contact with my computer (“just who do you believe is trying to access your computer?”) and treated me like a weirdo until I explained the research time I’d spent on this and told him I knew this was an Apple connection. Only then did he pass me along to his superior. At least he learned something.
And maybe this helps someone else who’s bugged by these repeated requests for access. Allow the connection and it’s over with.

MobileMe has had plenty of issues. Read about them here, here, herehere. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I don’t know why I waited with MobileMe for 10 years. I guess I am slow to learn some things.

How to back up using MobileMes Backup utility Storage

How to back up using MobileMes Backup utility Storage. I haven’t found MobileMe‘s Backup utility  reliable. I wouldn’t count on this utility. A much safer alternative is the $29 SuperDuper. Still if you can’t afford that, give this a try just watch it closely every week.

Why does Apple limit things to make money?

Apple gives consumers the ability to do things that aren’t built-in with Windows. They tend to make many things easier like iMovie for example. That really simplified what had been an overly complex experience for most people. However what they are not good at is giving away the store.

If I understand this post correctly he is disappointed of the workaround to create ringtones for his iPhone. Which is kind of interesting because 10 years ago I believe the forerunner to iTunes was a $40 product. Apple excels at giving away the razors and then getting you with the razor blades. It is a difficult balance to work with content producers. What is a fair amount for the work/costs invested in music creation?

I understand how silly it seems to buy a ringtone when you can get music for free. I don’t believe in getting things for free unless there is a legal way to do so. For example libraries often have music/video that you can check out. That is not “getting it” to keep, but certainly the same effect as downloading it from the Internet.

What does Apple charge for? Hardware, software, entertainment from others. This all seems fair to me. When I had the means I was a big iTunes store customer. It is a great way to get entertainment, and Apple deserves their success. Of course with limited incomes it is hard for stressed people to afford entertainment options. Does that mean that we can adopt a “Robin Hood” mentality? I don’t think so.

We have to be creative and find ways to share what we have with others. We have to think and act critically and not support business that are not socially responsible. We have to live with ourselves and not do what is easy, but do what takes character and wisdom. Everything that I have I have purchased, and I have no fear of my past actions. What is the use of enjoying something in the short-term if it destroys you in the long-term?

It is hard sometimes not to have things you need, but its even harder to not be the person you know yourself are.

Now that I have my new iPhone, I’m thrilled to have it and using it is wonderful. While I’ve been working with it I’ve run into a strange oddity and a workaround for it. The oddity came when I tried to create my iPhone-compatible ringtones. The creation of iPhone custom ringtones are in themselves needlessly fussy procedure. First you find the music you want, trim it to 40 seconds, then convert it to AAC format. Then you tear it out of iTunes … Read More

via Bluedepth’s Journal

Moving/disappearing icons in the Dock

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Turns out it has to do with MobileMe and out of control synchronization.  Here is Damien-007 solution.

I solved this problem a few days ago, after spending close to two hours with Apple Care. All time very well spent since I learned a lot, but more importantly, I thoroughly solved the problem.

Mind you, this was happening to me on my three different computers, 2 iMacs and a Mac Mini, all under 10.6.4
And through solving this problem, I learned that MobilMe also had a sync file on a Windows XP and a Windows 7 machine, neither of which I had booted up, since last spring.

First, the symptoms:
1) your dock changes the icon content before your eyes
2) the dock won’t hold an icon in its place, no matter how you put it there, or what settings or methods you choose to ‘Keep In Dock’
3) you are currently, or have previously used MobileMe, to sync your settings

The cause of these symptoms/problem:
Your MobileMe syncing with the cloud (the Apple servers where they store your sync data and your sync settings) has been corrupted.

Why unchecking Synchronize with MobileMe doesn’t fix it:
Because even on your local machine, the dock is “calling home” to verify it’s settings. When you turn off syncing, it’s inability to call the cloud, continues the problem.

The only guaranteed solution:
You have to Unregister all computer(s) from the MobileMe cloud and start your MobileMe sync fresh (as in brand new settings, NOT Reset settings) on all your computer(s). This applies even if you only sync one computer, and even if you have turned off syncing with MobileMe.

Before beginning, Turn off Synchronize with MobileMe on all computers in your MobileMe cloud.

The steps:
1) Backup everything and take note of all your settings, for which MobileMe has syncing powers over. Specifically, this includes, Bookmarks, iCal, Address Book, Mail Accounts, Mail Rules, Notes, Preferences and Entourage Notes. For Keychains, make sure you scrub that list and delete duplicates. A symptom of corrupt syncing is multiple entries in your key-chain for the same passwords. It’s OK to over delete here since the worst case scenario is you will have to reenter passwords

2) Now you will erase all the data in the MobileMe cloud, 100%.
Go to the Apple (top left corner)/System Preferences/MobileMe/Sync

  • click the Advanced button lower right
  • click on each computer listed in the pull down window
  • to the right of each computer listed, click Stop Syncing Computer
  • if you have multiple computers (I had five), each stop will take some time and may produce the beach ball. Be patient and hang in there. Still, all 5 of my computers, only to me about 20 minutes total.
  • After the last or ONLY computer has been thoroughly “stopped syncing”,

a NEW pull down window will drop down, listing all the data that lives in the MobileMe cloud

  • check mark each file and confirm that you want all that data/entries deleted.

3) Now you need to set up a new dock:

  • Delete the dock preferences and database files mentioned by macjack above

“Go to /Users/yourname/Library/Preferences and delete these 2 files / and Then restart. This will give you the default Dock, so you’ll have to reset yours the way you like.”

Also, make sure your entire computer data is as you expect it. Address Book, iCal etc. Restore from backups if necessary and basically get your Mac to the way you like it.

You can set up MobileMe fresh BUT this time do it with the more Advanced method by going back to the Advance Button under
Go to the Apple (top left corner)/System Preferences/MobileMe/Sync

  • click the Advanced button lower right

And Register your/each computer: This will automatically start a MobileMe sync.

When asked, tell MobileMe that you want to keep the data on your freshly set up computer and replace the data on Mobile me.

You are done.

Do the above for each computer, for which you use mobileMe with the one variation that you should replace the data on each successive computer, with the sync data on the MobileMe cloud. (after your primary/main computer has thoroughly populated the New MobilMe data in the cloud.

Error 256 when doing a backup

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matmug115 has the answer.  It worked for some people.  Others still have the issue.

Found the culprit, I had also installed an app called menumeters, when I uninstalled, the error message disappeared.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Error 256 when doing a backup ….


Apple script to locate and assign photos that do not belong to an album

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Apple script to locate and assign ….  Old Toad’s logic is impeccable.  Thanks.

You can easily find photos that are not in any albums by using a Smart Album with the criteria:

Album is not Any

From there you’ll have to manually drag them to their destination album.

However, once you move photos to another album you’ll have to leave it and then go back to it to see the changes you’ve made. It doesn’t automatically update changes while you’re viewing it.