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Apple Adds Do-Not-Track Tool to New Browser –

NewYear for Angels

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Apple Adds Do-Not-Track Tool to New Browser – Interesting. Now it is just Google that doesn’t have a built-in way to block advertising. Really puts them at odds with their business model. I wrote about Keep my Opt Outs here.

How to add right-click commands to the OS X

How to add commands to the OS X. Brillant way to get right-click functionality. If you are used to the Windows way of doing things this will help you acclimate.

Is Microsoft Live Mesh worth using?

According to this MacWorld review there are more cons than pros. There are better options for Mac Users like Mozy or CrashPlan.


Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Google Docs vs. Microsoft Skydrive vs.

Windows Live SkyDrive Logo

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Cloud fight! Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Google Docs vs. Microsoft Skydrive ITworld – StumbleUpon. Nice comparison in many respects: cost, features. I love it when there are comparisons!

PowerPoint Makes You Dumb –

Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint Makes You Dumb – I didn’t catch this article when it first came out. Apparently PowerPoint contributed to the failure of the Columbia mission. Wow.

Friday fun: Grace Hopper on Late Night (via Miba51)

This is an awesome interview. What a great sense of humor she has. She made Dave look silly at several points. Some great info at this blog and interesting links.

Grace Hopper was one of the pioneers in the field of computer science, and as this clip from Late Night with David Letterman shows, she was a great wit too: Grace Hopper retired from the US Navy with the rank of Rear Admiral, and in the USS Hopper (DDG-70) is named after her.  Check out the links below if you want to learn more about Grace Hopper and remember the famous quote often attributed t … Read More

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Interactive Ocean cable map

Our First Underwater Salvage Job

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Gregs Cable Map – StumbleUpon. This is very cool. I wonder how much this cost? Apparently this is something from Microsoft. Still good work.

Is Google the most valuable brand?

BrandFinance declares Google the most valuable brand in the world — Engadget. This is quite a strangely ordered list. It is wonderful how you can get statistics to be anything you want isn’t it?