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Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter

Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter. Nice resource if you need to change font formats between Windows and Apple or just have older fonts that aren’t supported.

FBI To Remove Coreflood From Infected Computers (via A Geek With Guns)

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Would you trust the government to clean a virus off your computer? I must admit that I wouldn’t feel comfortable. It wouldn’t be that hard to install monitoring software as well.

I’ll be honest and admit I’ve heard little about the botnet being referred to as Coreflood. Apparently it did something nasty enough to gain the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) though: Two weeks ago, the DOJ and the FBI obtained an unprecedented temporary restraining order that allowed them to seize five command-and-control (C&C) servers that managed Coreflood. Since then, the U.S. Marshal’s Service has operated substi … Read More

via A Geek With Guns

iTunes Mute Problem – iTunes mutes itself (via )

Normally for a problem like this uninstalling all Apple software and reinstalling might fix the problem. The iTunes installer on Windows seems to be sensitive to the order of Apple software installation.

This same problem has been reported since 2005 See below My setup is as following Windows XP 2002 SP3 i … Read More


Gawkers Traffic Numbers Are Worse Than Anyone Anticipated – Nicholas Jackson… – StumbleUpon


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Gawkers Traffic Numbers Are Worse Than Anyone Anticipated – Nicholas Jackson… – StumbleUpon. Not asking people what they want doesn’t work anymore. People are used to having choices, and you have to give people what they want or they leave. This article shows that clearly.

Don’t download Veohwebplayersetup.exe

Windows XP

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I did that on my XP running computer and Microsoft Security Essentials said it had the Open Candy advertising malware. I just deleted it and rebooting now. What a waste. Veoh came from a legitimate download site.

Confessions of an (ex) Mac Geek… (via C.C. and the Beans)

Apple Store in Regent Street, it was my first ...

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Due to broken mac and cost, man switches to Windows. Understandable. I had to use Windows machines at many companies due to cost.

Going to the Apple store is a pretty different experience, now that my primary computer is no longer a Mac (more on that in a minute). I used to go there and ooh and aw over the latest toys,  the slickly packaged programs, and  the incredibly synergistic vibe of the entire affair, from the nigh-seamless integration between i-everything and Mac, to the almost seamless integration of the sales and support folks and the pricey products that they sel … Read More

via C.C. and the Beans

Internet Explorer 10 Drops Vista Support – Slashdot

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Internet Explorer 10 Drops Vista Support – Slashdot. The reaction on this Slashdot thread seems like a knee jerk reaction. Lets compare to how Apple does things.

Apple limits Safari to which OS it wants to support. The most current version of Safari supports 10.6 and 10.5. It doesn’t support Tiger 10.4. So for IE 10 which is the next browser and really planned for Windows 8, it breaks down as follows. Current OS support, check. Previous OS support Windows 7 check. Previous to that (Vista) or 10.4 equivalent no support. Whats the problem?

Docs Tech Notes: Create bootable USB drive using the OS X terminal – StumbleUpon

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Docs Tech Notes: Create bootable USB drive using the OS X terminal – StumbleUpon. Nice work. It makes the process pretty easy.