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Saving to a pdf in Google docs is twice the size of a word file and larger than Word saving to a PDF

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Has anyone used Google docs to save to a word file and also to a pdf? Without changing anything between the two the PDF is 180kb and the word doc is 90kb. Isn’t the advantage of a PDF that it compresses unnecessary information? When I compress the same file from the 90kb word file in Microsoft Word 2011 to a PDF on a Mac I get 150kb. What is the other 30k doing in that PDF file? Has anyone else noticed that Google docs makes chunky PDF’s?

PowerPoint Makes You Dumb –

Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint Makes You Dumb – I didn’t catch this article when it first came out. Apparently PowerPoint contributed to the failure of the Columbia mission. Wow.

Free Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Beta Download v.2

Mihai Andrici said here

“While Office 2010 for Windows has been tagged with a June 2010 release date, the Office for Mac OS X was named Office 2011 for Mac, with a release date set for this holiday season. Fortunately, if you want Office 2011 for Mac and want it now, you are now able to download the beta 2, a version that has been leaked online, along with the serial key you need.

“The beta 2 version of Office 2011 for Mac you can download, is the build and comes with one major visual UI improvement called Ribbon user interface, but also adds some features such as better integration into Office Web Apps.

“And come to think of it, these are the only major problems Microsoft Office has at the moment. In my opinion, yes, the Ribbon UI is an obvious improvement, but my guess is that the main feature/improvement in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac (as well as the 2010 Windows version) is Microsoft’s ambition to try and respond to Google Docs easiness of use when it comes to collaborating on a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation over the Web.

“But you can check out more for yourself by downloading Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Beta 2 version free. When asked for the serial key, enter: TDMC8-7GYKM-DXJFD-7PVCC-6GX4J.”

Link: Free Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Download (Beta 2 build

Dell Inspiron Zino HD vs. Apple Mac Mini

Dell Inspiron Zino

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Pem’s Tech Blog » Dell Inspiron Zino HD vs. Apple Mac Mini, Linux. So yesterday I temporarily got a Dell Inspiron Zino HD to fix for a friend. She got a virus soon after buying it and Dell didn’t fix it even after two appointments that didn’t show up. Here is what I have learned.

It came with Windows 7, but no Windows 7 disk. Because my friend didn’t create a recovery CD, I had to call Dell for one. It took more than an hour on the phone and I was forwarded 3 times in order to be “approved” to get a CD. We will see if they send the CD in the 3 days they promised.

It doesn’t seem to work with any version of Linux I have used. PCLinux, Mint don’t boot. Ubuntu installed but when I shut it down it wouldn’t boot again. Also Ubuntu didn’t have a wireless driver and she needs wireless connectivity. All were the most current versions. I formatted the drive with Vista setup disk so I don’t suspect the virus causing this problem. I tried to install Vista and although it seemed to install it was very slow. It didn’t want to boot into Visa so I formatted it to Linux when Ubuntu installed. I have considered using Fedora or Sabayon but I haven’t decided if it is worth trying.

The Windows 7 home version is probably best for my friend. Still it seems that because she got a virus so quickly a better long-term strategy would be to use Linux. The problem is that she is she needs Microsoft Office and not really wanting to use a substitute. Since most people don’t like the dual-boot concept, the easiest thing for her would just to put Windows 7 back on. What distribution do you use that works with this Inspiron Zino HD or Inspiron 400 as Dell calls it?

Missing Spaces in .docx Files (via Kan’s Home)

Microsoft Word 2010, Navigation Pane

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What strange behavior. Why not just assume a .pdf format spacing as the default and only overwrite that if the user specifies a printer expressly?

I recently encountered a weird problem in .docx files. I have Microsoft Word 2010 installed at home, where I saved my homework in .docx format and synced it to Dropbox. But when I opened the same file on school computer, which has MS Word 2007 installed, I noticed that some spaces between words are missing. I thought “Wow how could I be so careless?” and added those spaces back. However, the spaces were gone again when I opened the document at ho … Read More

via Kan’s Home

Microsoft introduces OneNote iPhone app Mobile iOS Central Macworld

Microsoft introduces OneNote iPhone app Mobile iOS Central Macworld.  Free pricing?  Stunning change of strategy for Microsoft.

Free PowerPoint file format converter

Free PowerPoint file format converter.  Nice Automator workflow that can simplify conversion if you have a folder or many PP’s.

Migrated Word now wants to connect to scanner and camera – slows launch

An example of WordArt in Microsoft Office Word.

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keriah found the answer:

I found a file named “Camera & Scanner Plug-in” in the Office/Add-ins folder (in Applications). I trashed that file and now Word starts up as usual.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Migrated Word now wants to connect to ….