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Interesting demographics of Internet users

Some surprising information on here. If you wondered what the typical Internet user is like, this info graphic will help you figure it out.

The Staggering Stats The average person spends 66 hrs/ month on Facebook. Really? Facebook? What’s so great about facebook that we feel we need to spend so much time on it? To talk to your friends? You pay for a phone for a reason. To play games? How many of you have an X Box or Wii that you could do just that? Here is a pretty neat graphic that gives a visual run down of the internet statistics we always wonder about…or perhaps should.  Click on the image to see e … Read More

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The Reason We’re Washed Up at Thirty (via Daughter of Omi’s Blog)

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I once went out with a woman who expressed this feeling to me. She said that she was 33 and felt like she hadn’t accomplished much in her life. I can understand why people feel that way. It is not true however.

One of the most touching scenes on a TV show called M*A*S*H happened between Hawkeye and Colonel Potter. Hawkeye had been eaten up with jealousy over the success of someone else. Colonel Potter said that the only one you can compete against was yourself. I think that’s the key about jealously. No one has had to overcome the challenges you faced in your life. Maybe the challenges that you have already overcome would have stopped other people. Maybe the challenges were impossible.

How can you look at your life and compare it to others? You have no idea the challenges that other people face. Even if they seem to have everything: wealth, looks, intelligence it doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer. It is unavoidable that people suffer. As a healthy human you don’t need to wish people to suffer when they make others suffer. Generally the people who cause the most suffering are suffering the most themselves. More importantly it doesn’t decrease your happiness that other people are happy. In the same way does it increases your happiness that other people suffer? How other people live their life has no bearing own our own reality. We can choose to share our reality but ultimately we are separate from others reality.

Or perhaps I’m wrong and we are all the same person like a widget in a machine. If that’s what you want to believe that is fine, but I will never believe that.

The Reason We’re Washed Up at Thirty I was 23 years old and had hit just over $60,000/year. – Laura Roeder, Social Media Marketing Expert, source (CC) JD Lasica, Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, is 26 and net worth is $13.5 billion- source  Willow and Jaden Smith anyone? They’re 10 and 12, respectively and have been in movies and singing chart topping songs. Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen sold YouTube when they were 27, 28 and 29. The Wendy Williams Sh … Read More

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4chans Curious Moral Code – Urlesque – StumbleUpon

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4chans Curious Moral Code – Urlesque – StumbleUpon. This helps you understand why they do things that they do. 4chan is a great example of a community that seemed to form itself without any commercial profit. If you can understand them, you are better positioned to create your own community.

Is Mark Zuckerberg a good example?

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I responded to a post here of someone who said this:

I don’t think the quote ” Live within your means.” applies to him. He is living way below his means which is amazing. While some a lot of people, on the other hand, is living beyond what they can afford. It is a sad truth. I hope we could all take a lesson or two on Mark Zuckerberg’s modest living. It is an inspiration.

My response:


You might not know this but Mr. Jobs has been trying to get rid of that house for years and has been appealing the board of his community to remove it. They felt it was a historic landmark. The plans for Mr. Jobs are detailed at Gizmodo here.
It is as humble as Mr. Zuckerbergs home. In fact, more so because of his wife and kids.

Also while I am not defending the large homes of the wealthy, there is a practical element of having those homes. They have significant reason to need better security than the average joe, and those homes provide that. The world would be a poor place without people who risk things and take chances. While materialism does have some unhelpful consequences, I would rather see them spend it on this than just hoard it and not provide tax revenues and jobs.

If modest living appeals to you, look at monks/spiritual people who have a literal handful of possessions. Look at the poor of society who have to do without not by choice, but by the circumstances of their lives. Look at the 2 billion people in the world who live on less then $2 a day. Wealth doesn’t make our lives better, it just distracts us from the good things that it sometimes obscures.

I think its reasonable for the stability of Mr. Jobs children (everyones children) that he owns a house.  In addition, famous peoples homes are probably one of the only places they can relax and not worry about invasion of privacy.  It doesn’t seem so unreasonable that they have these places, even if they are more about ego than necessitity.


nerd: Mr.Jobs photo

nerd: Mr.Jobs

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This could be a good storyboard character for a cartoon about Apple.

Book Review: Youre Too Kind : A Brief History of Flattery 9780684854922: Richard Stengel: Books Youre Too Kind : A Brief History of Flattery 9780684854922: Richard Stengel: Books.  I did not like reading this book.  It had interesting tidbits, but it wasn’t really logical or flowing very well.  It was very hard to read, and I ended up skimming halfway through because I couldn’t take it anymore.  Avoid this one.

Apple IIfx easter egg photo


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I didn’t know about this. Did you?