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MPlayer OSX Extended: Better alternative to VLC for RMVB? (via Believe in Miracles)


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Who uses RMVB files? Wouldn’t it be easier to just convert them?

VLC is always my first choice since I switched to MAC. VLC is good enough most of the time; however, It performs very poorly when playing my old RMVB videos, and it cannot display external subtitle file properly. MPlayer OSX Extended is superb in this territory. Work like a charm! PS: MPlayer OSX Extended is not the one in App Store. More

via Believe in Miracles

Use Ubuntu as a Mac File Server or Time Machine Volume (via The Daily Byte)

This is an interesting method. Of course if you have a NAS already you might use this method instead.

Use Ubuntu as a Mac File Server or Time Machine Volume Recently, I came across this amazing article that shows you how to turn your Ubuntu desktop/server into a Mac File Server or Time Machine volume. Not only does it allow you to share files between the two computers, but it will also automatically mount your Time Machine volume and begin the backup process. I have followed this article and am currently using this setup on my home network. If you have any questions about this article or need help, p … Read More

via The Daily Byte

Testing RAM – Mac Guides

Memory loss

Testing RAM – Mac Guides. Interesting way to test a mac for memory problems. If you want an easier way you can also buy Drive Genius or Techtool. I have used these methods and they worked equally well for me.

Mac OSX 10.6.7 pdf print problem solved, fonts (via Tech Blog)

It's a new version of PDF reader.

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Nice solution. I haven’t had this problem myself but if it happens I am glad to know the solution. Have you ever watched the Andy Griffith show? It is really funny.

Issue: The OSX 10.6.7 update makes printing to PDF impossible to a lot of applications. Usually, switching fonts may help but thats of course not a solution. Solution: Hopefully, you have a time machine backup from the previous OSX version, preferably 10.6.6. If so, here is the easy fix: – open time machine – restore this folder from 10.6.6: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ATS.framework done. PDF exp … Read More

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iCalViewer: Streaming iCal on your desktop « Hawk Wings


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iCalViewer: Streaming iCal on your desktop « Hawk Wings. Interesting. I don’t tend to like these kind of finder/desktop integrations. They seem to cause problems when the Apples issues system updates.

Well it’s been a week…. (via Something’s Awry…)

So far so good comes the report. It is almost a given if people give the Mac a try they like it. It is beautiful to use isn’t it?

Well it's been a week.... … Since I got my Mac mini. Yes, instantly I’ve sent some of you into a massive rage. How dare I buy myself anything Apple? Having been there myself many years ago, I  never ever thought I’d have lowered myself to purchasing a Mac. Until I did. Background It all started recently with the demise of my SSD – my homebuilt machine was getting annoying – stuff seemed to be failing or playing up left right and centre and I was fed up of taking the mac … Read More

via Something’s Awry…

HOWTO: Remove Google Software Update on Mac OS X

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I ran this on my computer today as suggested in the article. I had this prompt me for the second time for Picasa which I no longer use. They should have an easier way to disable/uninstall this.

defaults write checkInterval 0

via HOWTO: Remove Google Software Update on Mac OS X.

Digging deeper into Apples Time Capsule failure figures Technology

Digging deeper into Apples Time Capsule failure figures Technology Too many failures to suggest relying on as a strategy. I would suggest external/internal hard drives instead and Mac OS X Server . What is your data worth?