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Free Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X – StumbleUpon

Capture Me – Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X – StumbleUpon. This sounds like a useful way to capture what is happening on your screen for free. I wrote about another product a few days ago that you had to pay for and one that was free, to carry out this functionality.

MPlayer OSX Extended: Better alternative to VLC for RMVB? (via Believe in Miracles)


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Who uses RMVB files? Wouldn’t it be easier to just convert them?

VLC is always my first choice since I switched to MAC. VLC is good enough most of the time; however, It performs very poorly when playing my old RMVB videos, and it cannot display external subtitle file properly. MPlayer OSX Extended is superb in this territory. Work like a charm! PS: MPlayer OSX Extended is not the one in App Store. More

via Believe in Miracles

Mac OSX 10.6.7 pdf print problem solved, fonts (via Tech Blog)

It's a new version of PDF reader.

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Nice solution. I haven’t had this problem myself but if it happens I am glad to know the solution. Have you ever watched the Andy Griffith show? It is really funny.

Issue: The OSX 10.6.7 update makes printing to PDF impossible to a lot of applications. Usually, switching fonts may help but thats of course not a solution. Solution: Hopefully, you have a time machine backup from the previous OSX version, preferably 10.6.6. If so, here is the easy fix: – open time machine – restore this folder from 10.6.6: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ATS.framework done. PDF exp … Read More

via Tech Blog

Looking for hidden setting for Mac OS X?

Apple Inc

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Secrets: All Secrets: page 1 – StumbleUpon. This is a great database. This could have even more useful secrets than Apple documentation.

OS X Portable Applications – FreeSMUG – StumbleUpon

The device pictured is a 128MiB PNY Attaché US...

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OS X Portable Applications – FreeSMUG – StumbleUpon. Interesting list of portable applications. Pretty much everything you need to be mobile.

Docs Tech Notes: Create bootable USB drive using the OS X terminal – StumbleUpon

Example of a USB Flash Drive modded with a new...

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Docs Tech Notes: Create bootable USB drive using the OS X terminal – StumbleUpon. Nice work. It makes the process pretty easy.

Hackintosh 10.4.8 – StumbleUpon

Hackintosh – StumbleUpon. This is an older change but could still prove useful. Interesting how much people invest in this process.

iCalViewer: Streaming iCal on your desktop « Hawk Wings


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iCalViewer: Streaming iCal on your desktop « Hawk Wings. Interesting. I don’t tend to like these kind of finder/desktop integrations. They seem to cause problems when the Apples issues system updates.