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YouTube – Nightwish – Amaranth

YouTube – Nightwish – Amaranth. I was listening to Classical music and happened to run across this group. It is strange that there is a heavy metal element and something etheral to it. I like it. Maybe you will too.

Snakes on a train!

NIght train

Image by kevindooley via Flickr

Plans for a 4,000mph underwater train from New York to London // Current – StumbleUpon. Not really but I liked the sound of it. This is pretty cool. Do you think this will ever happen?


Great Artists Steal? Apple Developers Should Walk Out –

Great Artists Steal? Apple Developers Should Walk Out – From a developers point of view of what happens if Apple “steals” your ideas. I have always wondered why developers didn’t speak up more.

Too late to apologize photo

Do you think the water ever crashes into the building?

Is Technology Damaging Your Health? (via Organized Gossip)

the botox temptation

Image by pieceoplastic via Flickr

The solution for this seems extreme to me. Botox for wrinkles? I can live with them.

Do you ever wonder what technology is doing to your health? Just like any other addictions using your phone or computer too much is bound to be dangerous isn’t it? Smoking addicts are at risk of lung cancer and heart disease. Food addicts are at risk of becoming obese. So what about technology addicts? A lot of people have very different views about the effects of over-using technology. Some people refuse to use technology and claim that it kills … Read More

via Organized Gossip


Rifugio e Bocca di Tuchett photo

Rifugio e Bocca di Tuchett

Originally uploaded by santino2000

Looks dry doesn’t it?

Portencross photo


Originally uploaded by Jim Richmond

Interesting photo. It makes you really wonder why it appears this way.

Incoming [Explore #1! Thanks!] Danbo and a lens photo

Incoming [Explore #1! Thanks!]

Originally uploaded by llgaryll

I wonder if this damaged the lens. Creative idea.