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BT Keyboard not responding

Barry said:

Try a couple of things (in sequence):

1. Trash a preference file ( and restart.
2. Delete the keyboard, restart, and the BT setup assistant should try to pair the device.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Keyboard not responding ….

Navigation using a Bluetooth keyboard in Numbers 09

Apple – Support – Discussions – Navigation using a Bluetooth keyboard …. No this isn’t possible.

Bluetooth: Not Available error message

Apple – Support – Discussions – Bluetooth: Not Available …. It turns out that the hardware was broken according to the Apple Store.  Some suggested software fixes in the thread.

Keyboard not working properly

Apple – Support – Discussions – Keyboard not working properly ….  Turns out that removing the two items in the Login items for the user fixed the issue.

iPad keyboard dock doesn’t work

Apple – Support – Discussions – iPad keyboard dock doesnt work – how ….  How frustrating for the iPad owners to find that their keyboard dock keeps breaking.  I would try to get a bluetooth keyboard if this was me.  The only solution this thread mentions is taking the broken keyboard into the Apple store and getting a new one.