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Google is ok with unequal benefits

Yellow Star, similar to the ones required to b...

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What I think is interesting in this story from Gizmodo is the fact that they wear a yellow badge. Wasn’t Germany famous for making its Jewish citizens wear a yellow star? Did someone skip their history class?

Stories from my past: You know more than my son

Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur

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One of the companies that I worked for was a university. It was lots of fun to work and some very dedicated people worked there. One of the people who I helped was a mature Jewish lady who I’ll call Jana.

“So the problem is that it does X when I want it to do y.” Jana said.

“Oh no problem. Let me fix that.” I said.

While I was working I was making small talk and somehow I made a joke about this problem not being kosher. She smiled and asked “Do you know what that means?”

I said sure. “Kosher is confirmation to dietary laws or religiously pure.” She seemed surprised.

“You know more than my son.” Jana said. “He isn’t observant. It is nice to see other people who know.”

“Well I’m open for adoption” I joked.

Sometimes people say that things they learn they doubt they will ever use. To me, it isn’t a matter of using or not using stuff. Just being familiar with something is enough to make someone feel special.

Too late to apologize photo

Do you think the water ever crashes into the building?

Deepak Tal

Deepak Tal

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Wonderful clear reflections.