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Interesting way to charge and sync an iPod and iPhone simultaneously duaLink Dual Sync/Charge Cable for iPod/iPhone: Electronics. For only $26 this is a great time saver. Especially good for couples who have an iPhone and iPod.

Tesla: Master of Lightning – StumbleUpon

Tesla: Master of Lightning – StumbleUpon. This is a very nice brief write-up and some surprising connections in his life. Nice read.

Enabling Restrictions on iPad

IPad Tools, Tips and Fixes for iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod – StumbleUpon. I liked the first design of this site more than the current one. It looks like every other blog now which is kind of boring.

Do you want to text to a group for free on the iPhone?

Disco Messenger for iPhone on the iTunes App Store. Pretty good reviews at the moment. This could be a great way for any kind of group management.

Your heartbeat could recharge your iPod – StumbleUpon

Iron Man in his Bleeding Edge armor. Cover art...

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Your heartbeat could recharge your iPod – StumbleUpon. So this is the opposite of Iron Man’s problem. He needed power to keep his heart alive. Has anyone tried to watch the cartoon of Iron Man on Netflix? I did yesterday and the quality is terrible. Not the video, but the cartooning itself. I’ve seen 20-year-old Anime that looked better.

What if I bought Apple stock instead of products?

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Kyle Conroy\s Personal Blog and Portfolio – Should I have bought that Apple Product?. Interesting isn’t it? The downside is that this chart doesn’t show you the profits that you made and the cash flow it would have taken in the year of purchase. I bought a 6400, but it helped me to learn and allowed me to do IT work for a decade where I made more than by investing it. Don’t look at things one dimensionally.

Is the iPod Nano useable?

Techlands Top Stories of the Year – Apple iPod Nano 2010 Review: Better… – StumbleUpon. Nice hands on review that answers the question if you haven’t been able to make it to an Apple Store. It seems unusable but it turns out that’s not the case.

Lovely iPod and Butterfly

Isn’t this a lovely shot? Sharp and colorful! Click here.