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Top 10 Usability Highs Of Mac OS – Smashing Magazine – StumbleUpon


Top 10 Usability Highs Of Mac OS – Smashing Magazine – StumbleUpon. Fantastic reasons why the Mac is nice to use. I especially like error messages like this.


You can resize multiple Font Sizes at once

AT. This is pretty cool. I wonder who tried this and found it out?

How to back up and restore your BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac (via Inside BlackBerry Help Blog)

Very nice instructions with lots of pictures. I had a BlackBerry for a while at one my jobs and it was ok. It was used by the company as more of a glorified pager.

How to back up and restore your BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Have you ever wondered how you can save your BlackBerry® smartphone data to your Mac®? Well, wonder no more! BlackBerry® Desktop Software for Mac will quickly and easily save your information (even media files!) to your Mac. It never hurts to be prepared for those “what if” situations! Let’s take a peek at how you would go about creating an automatic backup, restoring a previous backup file and how to backup/synchronize any media that’s on your B … Read More

via Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

iMac built into Chair (via The Q8 Wanderer)

This looks pretty cool. It would even be better if the keyboard was magnetically attached somehow for easy access. The iMac is often a great choice for families.

Sonic Chair So I was just surfing the web, googling random stuff, you know. Then I come across this chair and it was love at first sight! I want the one with the iMac touch screen installed in it! Its just TOO awesome! How come I never knew about this! Its costs around 10,000 Euros so it must be amazing, but is it really worth it? Haha that I do not know! Anywho just thought Id inform you of this awesome invention! … Read More

via The Q8 Wanderer

How to Share Your iPhoto Library From Networked Storage MacLife

How to Share Your iPhoto Library From Networked Storage MacLife. Nice writeup.  Easy to follow if you need to have this functionality.

Multiple ways to access iPhotos

Apple – Support – Discussions – Howq do I attach a picture to gmail? …. Mr. Terence Devlin has produced a through description of how to access iPhotos.  Nice writeup.

Apple script to locate and assign photos that do not belong to an album

"Leopard" Icons in Black

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Apple script to locate and assign ….  Old Toad’s logic is impeccable.  Thanks.

You can easily find photos that are not in any albums by using a Smart Album with the criteria:

Album is not Any

From there you’ll have to manually drag them to their destination album.

However, once you move photos to another album you’ll have to leave it and then go back to it to see the changes you’ve made. It doesn’t automatically update changes while you’re viewing it.


Menu flicker in iDVD


Image via Wikipedia

Tim Wierenga figured it out.

I use the external as storage for the project. I boot from the computer.

You were right on the suggestion that this laptop may not have enough power. I tried it on the Church iMac and the menus were fine.

It is disappointing that iDVD will not work well on a 5 year old machine.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Menu flicker ….