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Improve Your Photo Booth With 90 Free Effects Mac – StumbleUpon

Improve Your Photo Booth With 90 Free Effects Mac – StumbleUpon. Easy way to add some glam to your picture and perhaps your profile online. Worth trying out.

The essential smart iPad and Mac owner

Modern Basics by TheGrossUncle
Modern Basics a photo by TheGrossUncle on Flickr.

So is this guy a nerd or a geek? Kinda looks like the Beebs doesn’t it?

How to improve battery life in iOS 4.3, Ping bug Your Daily Apple News

The iOS home screen.

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How to improve battery life in iOS 4.3, Ping bug Your Daily Apple News. This is a well constructed site. Simple solution to this problem. It seems with the last few updates with iOS that decreased battery life was a problem. Traditionally resetting up the email account seemed to solve these issues.

This is an Apple Discussion suggestion from tasa:

I am now showing some slight improvement since doing the following:

1) Shut down all apps running in tne background, completely emptying the task bar. I remembered when multitasking was an issue on the iphone(don’t remember which upgrade that was).
2) Made sure that absolutely everything that could be a drain, location services, alerts and notifications, etc., were off. When I went back to check after my first posting I found some things had been turned back on when I installed 4.3, and “ask to join networks” was on, which I always leave turned off as I have long been aware that this was a drain.
3) Did a complete restart twice.
4) Recharged overnight.

Today I have been working unplugged for 3 hours with only wi-fi turned on, almost constantly surfing and also did some app updating. Power is now at 75%, which is just about right, right?

I am also wondering how much DST might have played into all this?? Maybe not the best time for major system upgrades?

I will keep testing and report anything else I learn.

Some other suggestions:

  1. This Apple Discussions post suggests that updating your router/WAP might fix security settings like WPA2 that might be in use.
  2. Turning off push notification seems to help as well.
  3. Format device and re-add applications. In the past the iOS was sensitive to certain applications that slowed performance and caused glitches.
  4. Create a new user account on your computer and sync to new account. Test to see if any difference.
  5. Reinstall iTunes and resync.
  6. At MacRumors forum here try this: (thanks greenbreadmmm)
    1. Turn off Ping and itunes
    2. Turn off home sharing
    3. make sure even if mail fetch is off that in the advanced settings it is still set to manual.
    4. Reset network settings
    5. Log out of the apple store on your iphone.
  7. iPhoneShine here suggests you do this:
    1. Go into Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendar, tap on the Exchange account name and turn off the 3 switches.\
    2. Back out of settings, then open Mail, then Contacts, then Calendar to clear the connections.
    3. Reboot the phone (hold HOME and SLEEP until an Apple logo appears, ignoring “Slide to power off”)
    4. Go back into settings and turn the 3 switches back on.’

iPad screen cleaner photo


iPad screen cleaner

Originally uploaded by 713 Avenue

Does it get any nerdier than this? Maybe

dyld: shared cached file was build against a different libSystem.dylib

Logo of SUDO

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WZZZ has the solution.


You can request a rebuild of this cache by issuing the command:

sudo update_dyld_shared_cache

You can also do the following, which will force a rebuild even if the system thinks everything is up to date:

sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -force

Then reboot.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – dyld: shared cached file was build ….

Your skin is the new control pad via BBC

Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide – StumbleUpon. It is about time.  What is holding up the voice interface? Is it really that expensive?  Voice control software gets high grades in reviews.  Is it just the limited vocabulary that it keeping it away from total voice control?

Microsoft has a change of heart on how to keep Internet safe Security Macworld

Visualization of the various routes through a ...

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Microsoft has a change of heart on how to keep Internet safe Security Macworld. Isn’t this typical? They don’t consider things before they start telling everyone how things should work. It is great that you admit you are wrong, but it is better to consider things more carefully before you make suggestions. What kind of credibility does MS have now for security?


iPads storm the enterprise Tablets iOS Central Macworld

iPads storm the enterprise Tablets iOS Central Macworld. This is surprising isn’t it?  All the years that Apple tried to get into the enterprise and it seems to enter with a consumer device.  Frankly I didn’t believe in the iPad.  I didn’t buy one because it was way too limited for my uses. However people are finding useful things to do with it and that is great.  I wonder why this was successful when all those years of tablet PC‘s didn’t work? Did having Windows really doom those devices?