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Internet Explorer 10 Drops Vista Support – Slashdot

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Internet Explorer 10 Drops Vista Support – Slashdot. The reaction on this Slashdot thread seems like a knee jerk reaction. Lets compare to how Apple does things.

Apple limits Safari to which OS it wants to support. The most current version of Safari supports 10.6 and 10.5. It doesn’t support Tiger 10.4. So for IE 10 which is the next browser and really planned for Windows 8, it breaks down as follows. Current OS support, check. Previous OS support Windows 7 check. Previous to that (Vista) or 10.4 equivalent no support. Whats the problem?

Apple Adds Do-Not-Track Tool to New Browser –

NewYear for Angels

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Apple Adds Do-Not-Track Tool to New Browser – Interesting. Now it is just Google that doesn’t have a built-in way to block advertising. Really puts them at odds with their business model. I wrote about Keep my Opt Outs here.

Some interesting suggestions in approaching life

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Image via Wikipedia :: random funny pictures – StumbleUpon. Some of these suggestions are not helpful for the person making them, the environment, or legal purposes. Still something to consider.

Safari vs. Firefox 4 vs. Opera vs. Chrome

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I have written about a security problem with Safari before and my problems with Firefox. Since I normally use Chrome I have been experiencing more weird behavior lately. Times where it will freeze on non flash pages and crashing. So I thought it was time that I tested Opera again. I haven’t used it for several years. It just seemed that its rendering problems in the past were too big to deal with.

So I downloaded it and using it now. I am very impressed. I immediately noticed how good the text looked. The speed is on the same level with Chrome, and it enforces policy even more strictly than Chrome does. For example I tried to log into StumbleUpon with Opera and Opera told me that its TLS was inconsistent and that it couldn’t establish a good secure connection. I had installed an extension called Redirect to HTTPS and it gave me this error, when a similar HTTPS force extension on Chrome did not warn me. Very good!

I am going to continue to use Opera for at least a week. If it is better I will probably make another post and let everyone know the equivalent extensions for safe, and ad-free targeting for the average joe. Have a great Friday everyone!

Safari browser at risk for Certificate deception

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This is a concerning and surprising thing that Apple would do. I can understand they want the best performance but that risk is too big to take. I tried Firefox 4 yesterday and it was slow and buggy. So it seems Chrome would probably be the fastest and safest browser for the Mac at present. You can read more at this article including a link to a fix:

Digital certificate theft shines spotlight on Safari limitation

Chrome, Safari reach record browser share highs

Chrome, Safari reach record browser share highs Browsers. I wonder if web designers are excited about this.  I know that many are frustrated with the way that IE does business.

One Second Left Until Autowash *EXPLORE* photo

Love the dramatic wall of water.

Six Mac Web Browsers: How Do They Stack Up? MacLife

Flock Web Browser Customize Toolbar

Six Mac Web Browsers: How Do They Stack Up? MacLife.  Nice review and summary of why someone may use them.  If you haven’t tried another browser you probably are being less efficient than you could be.  It is amazing the features that some of the newer browsers offer.