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"Five" by awhyu
“Five”, a photo by awhyu on Flickr.

Beautiful light. Isn’t it nice to know that there are many wonderful things in the world?

House on Fire

House on Fire by Mel :-)
House on Fire, a photo by Mel 🙂 on Flickr.

Beautiful. Wouldn’t this be great to come home to?

The sun . . is our birth

The sun . . is our birth by grantthai
The sun . . is our birth, a photo by grantthai on Flickr.

Charming. Do you think they are praying or conjuring up an evil spirit?

Blow a galaxy

Fun photo. I wish it were brighter so you could see the stars most clearly.

Poison below and sky above

What is terrible for fish makes a nice contrast.

Calella – Water and Rocks

Calella by nancian
Calella, a photo by nancian on Flickr.

What could be better? I don’t see any fish in this photo. Do you?

Man in Window and electric blue

Untitled by garnatha
Untitled, a photo by garnatha on Flickr.

Nicely done! Very artistic.

Kauai mountains cape vista

Untitled by -bos[s]-
Untitled, a photo by -bos[s]- on Flickr.

Stunning. I would hate to hike there.