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You can resize multiple Font Sizes at once

AT. This is pretty cool. I wonder who tried this and found it out?

Comprehensive documentation for Apple’s Professional applications

Logic Studio on the Shelf | Cupertino, CA

Image by ldandersen via Flickr

Help Library Covers all the popular applications: Aperture, Loops, Final Cut, Logic, Motion, etc.

New record – No backup for 20 years from a mac IIci

Lucky Four (album)

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Talk about being lucky! This is an incredible value. I wonder what he used it for? He finally has to upgrade to a PowerMac 5200.

via After 20 Years, Maryland Man’s Mac IIci Finally Dies Cult of Mac.


Publish Error in iWeb

Logo of iWeb Valet application

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Publish Error ….  Turns out that he just needed to follow step #2, delete the iWeb preference file.  Still this is good troubleshooting if that doesn’t fix it.  Thanks Old Toad.

1 – close iWeb.
2 – delete the iWeb preference file,, that resides in your User/Library/Preferences folder.
3 – go to your User/Library/Caches/ folder and delete the contents.
4 – reboot.
5 – launch iWeb and see if there’s any improvement.

If that doesn’t help continue:

6 – move the domain file from your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder to the Desktop.
7 – launch iWeb, create a new test site and save.
8 – go to the your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder and delete the new domain file.
9 – move your original domain file from the Desktop to the iWeb folder.
10 – launch iWeb and try again.


Jim Scott give new life to old Macs – Times-Standard Online

Montgomery Scott

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If anyone has working but old computers I’d be happy to fix them like Mr. Scott and donate them to your charity of choice.  If you don’t have one, I will find one and donate them on your behalf if you like.  There are always people who can use older computers.

via Jim Scott give new life to old Macs – Times-Standard Online.



Solved! Missing GarageBand instruments upon installation! – InsanelyMac Forum

The GarageBand application icon.

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Two ways to solve this.

  1. coolchiselz method: You can manually extract it by,1.
    Go to the trash can, see there’s a tar file downloaded from the apple site.
    It should be as this.

    GarageBandExtraContent.tar 1.12GB

    Double click it to unstuff.

    Now you see GarageBandExtraContent.pkg, also double click it.
    Installer will launch, continue and continue, finish the installer.

    Open the garageband, you’ll see the updated apple loops and instruments.

  2. Kale R. method: Thank you! You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar. However, I had to take the necessary steps that differed from your instructions (to help avoid confusion for other readers, as I know this is a widespread problem).1. I found the .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.tar) in the trash.
    2. I dragged the .TAR file to the desktop
    3. I unarchived it and a new folder appeared on my desktop.
    4. In the folder, there was another .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg.tar) and an unknown file with no file extension. It was called signature.
    5. I unarchived the new .TAR file and in the new folder was the .PKG file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg) you mentioned.
    6. I followed the onscreen instructions and opened GarageBand.

    The missing instruments and loops were installed and functional! Thanks again for the help, coolchiselz!

via Solved! Missing GarageBand instruments upon installation! – InsanelyMac Forum.


“You can’t open the application iPhoto because it may be damaged or incomplete.”

System Restore

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Apple – Support – Discussions – iphoto doesnt work ….  Terence Devlin solution worked!

To re-install iPhoto

1. Put the in the trash (Drag it from your Applications Folder to the trash)
2. Go to HD/Library/Receipts and remove any pkg file there with iPhoto in the name. On 10.6 those receipts may be found in the Finder using the Go menu and selecting Go To Folder

In the resulting window type


3. Re-install.

If you purchased an iLife Disk, then iPhoto is on it.

If iPhoto was installed on your Mac when you go it then it’s on the System Restore disks that came with your Mac. Insert the first one and opt to ‘Install Bundled Applications Only.


Everything You Wanted to Know About the Mac App Store But Were Afraid to Ask MacLife

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Mac App Store But Were Afraid to Ask MacLife.  This is kind of fun.  I am just testing it out now.  The prices are fantastic!