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Twins at birth?

Hypertext creator says structure of World Wide Web completely… – StumbleUpon. Look at this picture:

Doesn’t he look like this? I thought when I saw that picture Henry Starling is real!

Bugs & Fixes: Fix unreadable text in black Mail messages

So Mr. Landau suggests two fixes for this problem.

  • Click in the message area of the document and select “Make Plain Text” (Command-Shift-T) from the Format menu. While this tip works, it eliminates any hypertext links contained in the text. If you want to save such links, or otherwise preserve the initial rich text format…
  • Cut the entire text (using Command-A followed by Command-X) and press the Delete key. This removes the black background. Next, use Option-Shift-Command-V to paste back the cut text. The text will now be readable, with links preserved.