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Saving to a pdf in Google docs is twice the size of a word file and larger than Word saving to a PDF

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Has anyone used Google docs to save to a word file and also to a pdf? Without changing anything between the two the PDF is 180kb and the word doc is 90kb. Isn’t the advantage of a PDF that it compresses unnecessary information? When I compress the same file from the 90kb word file in Microsoft Word 2011 to a PDF on a Mac I get 150kb. What is the other 30k doing in that PDF file? Has anyone else noticed that Google docs makes chunky PDF’s?

Blogs that are short and spammy here at WordPress


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In the last 24 hours I have seen a proliferation of blog posts that are exactly the same as one another. Sometimes the blog post which is only a few sentences is repeated word for word with as many as 10-20 different blog names/authors. This has to be an automated operation and abuse of WordPress.

I let WordPress know that this is occurring but its a hard problem for them to fix. Everyone is free to scrape content, but I imagine its hard setting a hard limit of scraping that you can enforce. For example, one webpage called techmeme I think used to make it very easy to submit things to your blog/Twitter feed. It has some interesting stories, but because it is so easy lots of people were using it. I noticed that on Twitter and stopped using it. There is no use to repeat something that hundreds of people are already repeating.

So I have decided that creating original content really is a better way to build an audience than sharing educational resources I find. I have learned many things reading other websites, but not everyone seems to appreciate less common resources. To me, if something is worth learning about it is easy to motivate yourself to learn. However I see that other people sometimes prefer to be led through learning something. So that is a change I am going to do in editorial content here.

Clipboard History (via Clippings From Your Web)

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Nice free application and highly rated. Great find. I have tried other clipboard tools but they never worked out for me. I will try this one however and see what happens. I tried it and didn’t like it. I guess I’m old-school.

The title says it all. For most of the Clipboard history apps you have to pay, this one is free and does an extensive job. I have been testing ClipboardHistory for the last week and it is definitely worth trying. … Read More

via Clippings From Your Web

Phishers use new tricks to snare victims (via The Informative Report)

This is really nice website. It has some interesting content. I am going to take a look at the other articles. It is best not to click on any attachments you do not recognize.

Phishers use new tricks to snare victims To get around phishing blacklists in browsers, scammers are luring people by using HTML attachments instead of URLs, a security firm has warned. EditAn example of a phishing attack encouraging the recipient to download an HTML attachment and provide information. Note the poor grammar, “required informations”, which should be a red flag   Chrome and Firefox are good at detecting phishing sites and warning web surfers via a browser notice when … Read More

via The Informative Report

Landing page/splash screen auto redirect after x seconds

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Koeklin has the answer.


Redirect code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var url ='../../pagename.html';
var delay = 4;
var d = delay * 1000;window.setTimeout ('parent.location.replace(url)', d);

Replace ../../pagename.html by the path or the URL of your page,
and change thenumber of sec. (4 is the number of sec. here).

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Landing page/splash screen auto ….


Two solutions for Scanning with a Canonscan LIDE 35 scanner ...

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Apple – Support – Discussions – mac compatible scanner and ocr ….

  1. Alexander said: I am using a Canon Lide 210 and have used Canon’s own “Solutions EX” that should have been on the CD that came with your scanner. It works perfectly (I have just tried) and converts it into “text” or “pdf”. With “text” you can work easily.Have you tried this?

    NB: with any OCR, you will find, it’s not faultless (close characters together are often “misspelt” as a different word, but textedit (where my OCR scans automatically open), highlights any typos errors in red underline.

  2. Tom Older: I wasn’t happy with the performance functions offered by my Lide 100, adding VueScan made the difference. You can check it out here

Attachment problems with emails from Textedit

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Apple – Support – Discussions – attachment problems ….  I didn’t even know this was possible.  According to etresoft:

By default, TextEdit runs in Rich Text mode that will generate documents that phones are unlikely to be able to open. Change the format to plain text with Format > Make Plain Text and save the file as .txt before attaching it.

That solved the issue for dogwalker 2.



Embed Flickr Slideshows – flickrSLiDR

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Embed Flickr Slideshows – flickrSLiDR.  I am going to try this next.  Anyone use this?

flickrSLiDR allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows on your website or blog. All you need to do is enter the flickr URL address of the user, photo set or group you would like to embed along with some options. You’ll receive the HTML embed code in return.