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Berners-Lee: Web access is a human right – StumbleUpon

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

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Berners-Lee: Web access is a human right – StumbleUpon. I agree. There are basic rights that people have in order to survive and thrive. Isn’t it a sad sign of our society in what is obvious needs to be spelled out? Rather than treat our human brothers and sisters with respect, we have to point out what they deserve.

Dear World (a letter from a US citizen)

President Reagan presents Mother Teresa with t...

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Dear World,

When you do something wrong you have to admit to it so I am. As an US citizen I want to apologize for my role in the US policy that has hurt the world. While I don’t have any political or economic power, I still regret our governments involvement in the mistakes that have hurt you and your family.

I don’t pretend to understand the ramifications of foreign policy, or the plain need to be a hero in other countries internal matters. I am not advocating for war or peace, but I regret that the US choices have not always been the most thoughtful ones.

I know as one person it is not my fault for the decisions of our leaders. Still I want you to know that many US citizens regret the horror and pain that our country does. I ask you not to judge a country by its leaders actions. Don’t those leaders represent our desires? Only the most powerful and well-connected have their desires listened to. Maybe it is the same in your country.

We don’t care for our own poor, eduction and well-being. Is it any surprise that we give lip service to humanitarian aid, but have plenty of money for war?

We have allowed interests contrary to human welfare to guide us for too long. We suffer from what Mother Theresa saw when she came to the US. She said that coming to the US she saw a new kind of poverty she had never seen before.

Your frustrated friend,


7 Man-Made Architectural Wonders of the Ancient World WebUrbanist



7 Man-Made Architectural Wonders of the Ancient World WebUrbanist. Very beautiful and wonderful places. Some tremendous cities and even more impressive because of the crude tools available. It must have taken a ton of work.

iPad past future prototype?

Paleo-Future – Paleo-Future Blog – Will robots make people obsolete?. Doesn’t part of this look like an iPad with a docking station?


Marketing to Women: Women Send 717 Texts per Month (via The Lipstick Economy)

I wonder why? Maybe women are just generally more social than men. I bet the majority of these texts are to other women.

Marketing to Women:  Women Send 717 Texts per Month Trading Texting for Talking. Women text some 30% more texts per month than men (717 texts per month v. 552 sent by men).  And who does the most texting?  Any parent of a teenager can tell you.  According to Nielsen, girls aged 13-17 averaged 3,276 texts v. 155 texts for guys.  That means teenage girls are texting an average of 109 texts per day.  The number indicate that all of us have traded “texting” for talking. Only those over 55 spend more t … Read More

via The Lipstick Economy

Maximum PC The 15 Most Important Women in Tech History

Maximum PC The 15 Most Important Women in Tech History. This is a good list of famous women. Some names that you don’t expect on here.

Stories from my past: You are cute


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Like many young people I wasn’t happy with my body. One day I was invited to go to a waterpark so I had to wear a swimsuit. I was probably 10 and I felt like I looked like Don Knotts. I watched my fair share of Three’s Company on the side.

So because we had to carry small mats to slide down the slides on, I could use it to help cover up my body. The unfortunate thing was that there were lots of stairs and a concrete path on certain rides that you had to climb to get up to the top. Just by chance I happened to keep running into this cute girl my age named Sandy who was going up at the same time as me. We started to talk walking up the stairs and she asked if came here often. I said no, I live out-of-town and I was with my relatives. She was quiet for a moment and said

“So you are only here today?”

“Yes, so I only get to see your smile for a little while.” I said.

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. I think you are cute.” she said.

I blushed. I hadn’t had someone I had met be so direct and I wasn’t sure what to say. “Oh I bet you say that to all the guys you met here” I joked.

“No only the ones that I like” she said and smiled big at me.

I learned that day that it doesn’t take much time to get to feel comfortable with someone, you just have to be friendly and give people a chance.

Steve Jobs as Youve Never Seen Him Before: Nervous MacLife

Steve Jobs as Youve Never Seen Him Before: Nervous MacLife. Fun video.  Have you seen this before?  I hadn’t.