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Kauai mountains cape vista

Untitled by -bos[s]-
Untitled, a photo by -bos[s]- on Flickr.

Stunning. I would hate to hike there.

Of the beaten tracks

Of the beaten tracks by steinliland
Of the beaten tracks, a photo by steinliland on Flickr.

Is that crushed lava rock?

The biggest surfing wave you’ve ever seen

0wkqqQtF5X_o.jpg from – StumbleUpon. Wouldn’t it be fun to be surfing this?

Why Did Apple Discontinue Xserve? Because It’s a Dinosaur Cult of Mac

Why Did Apple Discontinue Xserve? Because It’s a Dinosaur Cult of Mac. From the article:

The HPA Energy Lab in Waimea, Hawaii, replaced all of its Xserve servers with Mac Minis, and now the lab uses hardly any juice.

“The entire lab uses less power than a blow dryer,” said director Dr. Bill Wiecking, speaking here at Macworld.


Sand and beach photo


Originally uploaded by p a w e l

Do you think people walk along that route everyday?

One frame of just text in iMovie?

The Hawaii state seal.

Image via Wikipedia

Lorna from Hawaii has the answer.

Bengt — After I posted that, I decided to just do what people suggested to me several years ago for iMovie at an earlier incarnation. So I went to my old old Keynote application, wrote a short page, took a screen shot of that page, and then imported that screen shot/picture to iPhoto ’11.

I knew by checking out iMovie ’11 that any image that is in iPhoto is accessible thru iMovie ’11 and can be placed into the clips. So I selected it from within iMovie ’11 and placed it before the first clip of the movie. It was an experimental movie. I wanted to add music so I did, and then decided to delete my voice, and it became a sort of coded message for lip readers. 😎

via Apple – Support – Discussions – One frame of just text? ….


Advice needed for importing photos from Picasa to iPhoto

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

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Jeff Berman said it best:

here are two ways to get photos out of Picasa: Exporting and Backing Up.

If you export photos, they all show up flattened-out in one folder. While this would technically work, the downside is iPhoto will suddenly have thousands of photos added to it and I’m not really sure how it will figure out the events (I didn’t try importing into iPhoto yet).

If you use Picasa’s Backup feature (Tools->Back up pictures) then all the photos show up with their folder hierarchies preserved. So for example you could end up with a folder containing the following folders and photos.

Vacation Photos
Vacation Photos/Hawaii 2009/
Vacation Photos/Hawaii 2009/pic1.jpg
Vacation Photos/Hawaii 2009/pic2.jpg
Vacation Photos/New York 2008/
Vacation Photos/New York 2008/pic1.jpg
Vacation Photos/New York 2008/pic2.jpg


From what I’ve read, if the “Vacation Photos” folder is imported into iPhoto, the folder names will be used as events, so in this example you’ll end up with a “Hawaii 2009” event and a “New York 2008” event, which is nice.

As far as Picasa’s Backup tool goes, it will create one or more top-level folders with names starting with a dollar sign. These represent the top-level folders containing photos. On the computer I tested this on I ended up with $Desktop, $My Documents, and $My Pictures, because all the photos on this computer were inside of the Desktop, My Documents, and My Pictures folders (and their children).

So in a nutshell, if you want to migrate from Picasa on Windows to iPhoto, just use Picasa’s “Back Up Pictures” menu item if you want to preserve the folder hierarchy of your photos. Oh, one last thing: this feature doesn’t let you back up to the same hard drive as the photos, so just share a folder on either your Mac or your PC and then back up to that folder.

Hope somebody finds this information useful.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Advice needed for importing photos from ….


Surf Wave – Foto Maxi del Campo photo

Isn’t water beautiful?