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Interesting demographics of Internet users

Some surprising information on here. If you wondered what the typical Internet user is like, this info graphic will help you figure it out.

The Staggering Stats The average person spends 66 hrs/ month on Facebook. Really? Facebook? What’s so great about facebook that we feel we need to spend so much time on it? To talk to your friends? You pay for a phone for a reason. To play games? How many of you have an X Box or Wii that you could do just that? Here is a pretty neat graphic that gives a visual run down of the internet statistics we always wonder about…or perhaps should.  Click on the image to see e … Read More

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Your computer makes you $1,700


Number of the Week: PCs Make Americans 500 Billion Richer – Real Time Economics – WSJ. This number seems way too low. You can save way more than that just in postage from using email. Then once you add up the cost of not buying games, or sales like Groupon it has to be much more. Everything that I have paid for technology has helped me professionally and paid off much more than that.