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iMovie 09 Introductory lessons

iMovie 09 – StumbleUpon. This has some interesting introductory information on how to use iMovie. It is a few years out of date, but still is useful. Has other good information about iDVD and iWeb as well.


iPads used while traveling (via Strummervillelad’s Blog)


Image by rwentechaney via Flickr


The link below talks about using the iPad on a train. Today I took a train and I saw a ton of people using iPad’s and smart phones. Since I didn’t have either, I made a hat out of two pieces of paper. I recently took a short origami class at my local library and it was lots of fun. It is kind of amazing to go into public now and see a wide majority of people glued to their screens.

Sitting on Virgin train going very slow and full of screaming weans I’m relying heavily on the uber brilliant and always handy iPad. It’s amazing how this versatile and always ready bit of kit saves so many situations especially when you are on long journeys or when you are stuck for for something to keep you sane. For example… I start by getting the earphones on and jacking up the sound and get some Black Keys going. The ipad has an amazing so … Read More

via Strummervillelad’s Blog

Solved! Missing GarageBand instruments upon installation! – InsanelyMac Forum

The GarageBand application icon.

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Two ways to solve this.

  1. coolchiselz method: You can manually extract it by,1.
    Go to the trash can, see there’s a tar file downloaded from the apple site.
    It should be as this.

    GarageBandExtraContent.tar 1.12GB

    Double click it to unstuff.

    Now you see GarageBandExtraContent.pkg, also double click it.
    Installer will launch, continue and continue, finish the installer.

    Open the garageband, you’ll see the updated apple loops and instruments.

  2. Kale R. method: Thank you! You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar. However, I had to take the necessary steps that differed from your instructions (to help avoid confusion for other readers, as I know this is a widespread problem).1. I found the .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.tar) in the trash.
    2. I dragged the .TAR file to the desktop
    3. I unarchived it and a new folder appeared on my desktop.
    4. In the folder, there was another .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg.tar) and an unknown file with no file extension. It was called signature.
    5. I unarchived the new .TAR file and in the new folder was the .PKG file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg) you mentioned.
    6. I followed the onscreen instructions and opened GarageBand.

    The missing instruments and loops were installed and functional! Thanks again for the help, coolchiselz!

via Solved! Missing GarageBand instruments upon installation! – InsanelyMac Forum.


How To Keep Your Mac Software Up to Date MacLife

How To Keep Your Mac Software Up to Date MacLife.  I like the Sparkle way of doing things.  It doesn’t require separate application you have to remember to run.  Plus it only updates the things you actually use.  For most home users this is a better way to to go than updating everything that you probably aren’t using., circa 1983. photo, circa 1983.

Originally uploaded by davelawrence8

Clever idea and great execution. I wonder how this would be for other famous events in life.

Expand your palette of GarageBand instruments Music and Audio Creative Notes Macworld

Expand your palette of GarageBand instruments Music and Audio Creative Notes Macworld.  It mentions a commercial and free program that can create new sounds.

If you have questions about Garageband this FAQ might help

An amazing list of answers for common Garageband questions.  This is a very fun application that I used to make an instrumental album.  I really enjoyed the process.

How can I normalize clips in Garageband?

Hangtime suggests using the curve feature.  Many other suggestions on this Apple Discussions post.