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Publish Error in iWeb

Logo of iWeb Valet application

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Publish Error ….  Turns out that he just needed to follow step #2, delete the iWeb preference file.  Still this is good troubleshooting if that doesn’t fix it.  Thanks Old Toad.

1 – close iWeb.
2 – delete the iWeb preference file,, that resides in your User/Library/Preferences folder.
3 – go to your User/Library/Caches/ folder and delete the contents.
4 – reboot.
5 – launch iWeb and see if there’s any improvement.

If that doesn’t help continue:

6 – move the domain file from your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder to the Desktop.
7 – launch iWeb, create a new test site and save.
8 – go to the your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb folder and delete the new domain file.
9 – move your original domain file from the Desktop to the iWeb folder.
10 – launch iWeb and try again.


Solved! Missing GarageBand instruments upon installation! – InsanelyMac Forum

The GarageBand application icon.

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Two ways to solve this.

  1. coolchiselz method: You can manually extract it by,1.
    Go to the trash can, see there’s a tar file downloaded from the apple site.
    It should be as this.

    GarageBandExtraContent.tar 1.12GB

    Double click it to unstuff.

    Now you see GarageBandExtraContent.pkg, also double click it.
    Installer will launch, continue and continue, finish the installer.

    Open the garageband, you’ll see the updated apple loops and instruments.

  2. Kale R. method: Thank you! You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar. However, I had to take the necessary steps that differed from your instructions (to help avoid confusion for other readers, as I know this is a widespread problem).1. I found the .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.tar) in the trash.
    2. I dragged the .TAR file to the desktop
    3. I unarchived it and a new folder appeared on my desktop.
    4. In the folder, there was another .TAR file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg.tar) and an unknown file with no file extension. It was called signature.
    5. I unarchived the new .TAR file and in the new folder was the .PKG file (GarageBandExtraContent.pkg) you mentioned.
    6. I followed the onscreen instructions and opened GarageBand.

    The missing instruments and loops were installed and functional! Thanks again for the help, coolchiselz!

via Solved! Missing GarageBand instruments upon installation! – InsanelyMac Forum.


On File Management 8 — Rixstep Learning Curve


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On File Management 8 — Rixstep Learning Curve.  This is more of interest to a Macintosh system administrator, but a bit concerning.  File sharing can be tricky in mixed Windows/Apple environment.


Several ways to use RAR files on the Mac

The Unarchiver rar icon.

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Apple – Support – Discussions – RAR file ….  A great list of programs and resources to use RAR files.  Fun!


Unison vs Goodsync? Which sync software is more reliable?

Hitachi is NOT IBM

This gentleman has tried various software and found to that Goodsync has the most reliable results. Perhaps worth trying for backup/sync purposes?

I finally found a utility that actually does what it’s supposed to do, sync up two hard drives. I tried Unison. It missed a file that it shouldn’t have missed, an executable that was using some foreign characters in the file name. And the crazy thing is that I was tempted to use Unison anyway. It’s like, “Well, that file really wasn’t that important.” But then these kind of thoughts came. “Yea, but if it missed one, then it could miss something i … Read More


via gc44 : Society with Gezu Crankn

Two ways to convert .pages to word.

Method 1:  Thanks Jacko30!

If you rename the pages file to zip and open it, the is a pdf in there. in the quicklook folder.

via convert pages to word – MacTalk Forums.

Method 2:

on open theDocuments repeat with aDocument in theDocuments tell application "Pages" open aDocument set thePath to the path of the front document set theWordPath to thePath & ".doc" save the front document as {"doc", "SLDocumentTypeMSWord"} in theWordPath close the front document saving no end tell end repeat end open


File/folder names on Desktop appear shortened on desktop

Apple – Support – Discussions – File/folder names on Desktop appear ….  jsd2 has the solution.

Try the following:
Click on the Desktop, type Command-J, and in the resulting window, increase the “Grid Spacing”.

Cant delete attachments after sending in Mail

Apple – Support – Discussions – Cant delete attachments after sending ….  Interesting solution.  Robb B has the solution.

You can just Secure Empty Trash and that will delete them without an error.