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Which is the best self-hosted WP host?

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I did some research because I am thinking of moving to a self-hosted WP host. It seems based on other people’s shared experiences that the top two are HostGater and Bluehost. Both seem to offer great performance, reliability and service. I have had clients who used MediaTemple and it was very slow. One client in particular moved from MediaTemple to Bluehost and their site was instantly responsive without any other changes.

Has anyone used HostGater and Bluehost that had a bad experience? I want to stay away from GoDaddy because of their questionable business practices.

IP Addresses OK, DNS fails with “You are not connected to the Internet”

IP address

Ray fixed the issue.

(Un)Fortunately, I had to re-install and reapply the 10.6.6 Combo Update. So it is resolved, but I was hoping to be able to actually fix the problem.

I would have also tried deleting the ethernet interface in the Network preferences.  That has solved unusual wireless problems in the past.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – IP Addresses OK, DNS fails with.


SafariErrorDomain error 1, invalid checksum, only on my network, big files

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Apple – Support – Discussions – SafariErrorDomain error 1, invalid ….  Turned out to be a problem with Comcast and their network.  Nothing for you to fix.


DNS Flusher GUI for Mac

From its webpage: “Web page not found? Cant access you mail? You might need to flush your DNS!”

Free software and works great.  Great for web developers.

via Squashed Software.

Are you having DNS issues after 10.6.5?

Install East Asian languages with Windows XP

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Join the club.  Fortunately KJK555 has a solution or you can do it manually yourself by clicking this post.  Turns out to be a problem with the mDNSResponder.

I have created an standard install package to make the fix painless to apply.

You can get it here:

unzip it to your desktop and install the package.

note: for installation on 10.6.5 systems only.
#replaces the four files described in my previous post#


Cant install 10.6.5 because of CRL was not found error

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According to chochos: (this fixed the issue)

I was getting the “CRL was not found” error as well. I thought it had something to do with DNS but changing DNS didn’t help. Finally I solved it by opening Keychain Access, and changing the Preferences forCertificates, setting the CRL preference from “Require” to “Best Attempt”, and after that I could install the packages just fine.

Another option is to type this:

run the terminal and wrote
sudo chflags -R nouchg /

(thanks Gislalom)

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Cant install 10.6.5 ….

Help error error “HVURLHandlerErrorDomain error 1003”

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John Mertes said:

Received and installed the replacement /Applications/ is 28.3 MB on disk 21,241,463 bytes for 3,648 items; 2 bytes different.But Mail Help now works!Thank You!

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Help error.


Manually provided DNS server addresses are higher priority than DHCP’s

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Manually provided DNS server addresses ….  This is not official but it has been my experience as well.  Even better is to just avoid any DNS server that is questionable.