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SharePoint 2010 on a Mac on Vimeo

SharePoint 2010 on a Mac on Vimeo on Vimeo

Nice 9 minute walkthrough on how to use SharePoint 2010. Great if you are a beginner.

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Recover An Unsaved Document When Word Crashes on the Mac


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Recover An Unsaved Document When Word Crashes.  This just happened to a woman I spoke on the phone with.  How frustrating this can be!


An easy way to fill out documents (via Angela Yee’s Blog)

Beautiful solution!

An easy way to fill out documents Recently our family had to do a business transaction. I was sent a seven-page document that my mom had signed. The request was that I: Print out the document Sign the document Scan all 7 pages Email to my sister in Boston Have her print it Have her sign it Have her scan it Have her send it back to the business After doing some calculations in my head and trying to scan two pages, I knew this was not going to work. I could barely read my mom’s sig … Read More

via Angela Yee’s Blog

Drag sheet from document to another?

Apple – Support – Discussions – Drag sheet from document to another? ….  This isn’t literally possible but a great idea.  You can achieve this however by following Barry’s suggestion.

Apparently not possible. You can, however Select the sheet in the source document, Copy it, then Select any sheet in the target document and Paste.

The pasted sheet and the objects it contains will be added to the target document.

If you select a table on one of the existing sheets in the target document. or select a cell on a table. the Paste will add the objects on the source sheet to the sheet containing the selected table or sheet on the target document.