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Two ways to adjust your mouse cursor on your Mac

A vector hand cursor and cursor.

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Thank you BobHarris.

System Preferences -> Universal Access -> Mouse -> Cursor size

However, I prefer using Mouse Locator (free download)

I like this Mouse Locator Graphic

I also enjoy my 27″ iMac. It is just so nice withing on it.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Is there any way to make the cursor ….


“Ghost” page numbers on every second page

Command key

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So Jerrold Green1 figured it out:

Sometimes in the process of importing from Word, page numbers are improperly converted to Master Objects or Background Objects. Go to Format > Advanced > Make Master Objects Selectable. Then, with the cursor in the Margin of the document, press the Command Key (Cursor changes to an Arrow) and drag the cursor diagonally across the page number to select it. Then press the Delete key and the number should be gone. You need to check carefully to make sure that you have eliminated all the instances. There may be one per Section.

via Apple – Support – Discussions –.


Cursor Jumps While Typing on laptops

I have experienced the same problems myself.  Turning off the trackpad like sebastion suggests is too heavy-handed.  You could also try this more physical approach if it is out of warranty.