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YouTube – CSS Horizontal Drop Down Menu – 1 of 2

YouTube – CSS Horizontal Drop Down Menu – 1 of 2.  Love it.  I love these kind of menus and hate the ones with javascript that take forever to load.  Dreamweaver is pretty awesome isn’t it?

The Solar System, Rendered in CSS and HTML Webmonkey

The Solar System, Rendered in CSS and HTML Webmonkey  It works very well.  Brilliant!

7 Ways to Bring Your Website into the 21st Century (via StarVivre)

Some good suggestions. Many of these will require a web developer to fine tune the CSS or other elements that many people may not know how to do.

Websites have sort of become the “bandwagon” that everyone is jumping on, but many of us don’t think about what a website really is, can do, and how to make it easily accessible and user-friendly. With “cookie-cutter” design, we often make the mistake that Intuit or knows what is best for our website and end up with something that does absolutely nothing for us. That’s why I despise those websites, and really push that people work with a … Read More

via StarVivre

Creating More Than One Sidebar For Your WordPress Blog (via Arnoldarchiebailey’s Blog)

This is a little confusing, but you may be able to understand and use the instructions.

Step 1:First of all, you have to locate the sidebar.php file within your website host server. Some themes may have a sidebar1.php file. This can be located under the theme folder itself. In this case, I'm using a sample site and the folder is called, "Jean_Caton_WP_Theme".Step 2:In your FTP application, you can locate this same file, (sidebar.php) either on your hard drive or simply download the file from your site server over to your hard drive … Read More

via Arnoldarchiebailey's Blog