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In Apple Numbers can you convert numbers into text?

Looks like Yvan has a script on doing this.  Excellent work.

“Such a script is available for months on my idisk :


Download :

For_iWork:iWork ’”

Need to convert images, music, or text?

That is just the start to what Dragoman can convert.  It can also convert .zip or other formats.  Pretty cool and free.  This would be a great tool if you want to get away from Stuffit or other file conversion utilities.  There is a free download and I don’t see it listed in the store.  So unless its a 30 day trail, it seems to be free.

Need to convert PDF to other formats like Word?

This utility will enable you to do so.  Its called deskUNPDF.  Starts at $60.

Need to Convert Pages Docs to Word Docs En Masse

Very nice custom script below that you can attach as a folder action.  Really good work and such a time saver!

Curious how to convert PDF to Indesign?

One way would be to use this utility PDF2ID.  Interesting that there is a big enough market for this.

09 Howto: Convert .nrg to .iso from the Terminal (OS X)

This is a great solution for MAC OS X converting .nrg to other formats.  Click here.

Another iWeb to WordPress convert

You can read more details here.

Windows 7 Calculator for Vista

Oh it does what the Mac has done for years.  It converts!  Read more here.