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Which is the best self-hosted WP host?

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I did some research because I am thinking of moving to a self-hosted WP host. It seems based on other people’s shared experiences that the top two are HostGater and Bluehost. Both seem to offer great performance, reliability and service. I have had clients who used MediaTemple and it was very slow. One client in particular moved from MediaTemple to Bluehost and their site was instantly responsive without any other changes.

Has anyone used HostGater and Bluehost that had a bad experience? I want to stay away from GoDaddy because of their questionable business practices.

The Great Blogfail of 2011 (via Paper Lantern Lit)

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This is great to know. Thanks for sharing. I started out at GoDaddy for my webpage because of the cheap domain name purchase. Then I was spending too much time working on PHP and modifying it. I helped a client move from MediaTemple to BlueHost and not only was it cheaper it was also faster. You can read the reviews from WordPress here.

Let me tell you a story of technological failure and very upsetting circumstances. In the far away land of last Tuesday, we sent out our second issue of the Paper Lantern Lit Newsletter, expecting nothing more than to bask in the glory of how awesome we are and maybe get some more entries into our contest through the quiz I spent a really long time making. But, as is true of all web heroes, my victory was to be short lived. The newsletter went ou … Read More

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Pages webdav cert issue???

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jlbunting solved the issue:

I was the one who first started this thread. I want to report, I figured out how to get WebDav working on Pages. All I had to do was upgrade to 4.2 and install Pages 1.3. This fixed the WebDav certificate issues I was having. Now I can login and import/export to WebDav. I can access the folder on my computer and it works perfect. I am using Bluehost and Webdisk for the WebDav.

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