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iMac in the Home Office

iMac in the Home Office by Stefan Didak
iMac in the Home Office, a photo by Stefan Didak on Flickr.

It is pretty amazing the investment that this person has made. Its pretty cool looking isn’t it?

even though out of warranty Apple fixes computer (via megandowntherabbithole)

She is really lucky to get everything covered out of warranty. Usually Apple is hard nosed about this. Has anyone else who didn’t use their AppleCare have a courtesy repair?

nothing stops your heart quite like the White Screen of Death In an attempt to be organized (Stop it. Stop laughing. Right now.) I’ve made these huge elaborate lists of goals and timelines and things I want to get done in the next year, art-wise. I figure since I’m not currently enrolled in school, and won’t be again until the fall, it’s time to quit slacking. So I have plans to rebuild my websi … Read More

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Error 1013 on iDevice restore FIX! [MAC] (via AppleModo – Latest Apple News)

Apple Terminal

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Thanks for helping to find this problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a troubleshooting step in addition to these error numbers? No I’m not trying to stuff this article with keyword density. I have seen websites that do that and it is complete garbage.

So many gets this error message, and in this tutorial I’m showing you how to solve it. This error comes while updating to 4.3/4.2.1 and I was looking all over the net until I find out thru So big thanks to them.     Open Type: sudo nano /etc/hosts Find lines with “” (using the Arrow keys) and add # in front of them. Now hit CTRL+O Done enjoy restore!     … Read More

via AppleModo – Latest Apple News

Error -41 work-around copying files from server

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Error -41 work-around? …. This person solved their own problem. They changed the permissions and propagated them through the folders and it fixed the problem. This is a good general first step if you get these kind of errors.

Can’t download and have Aggregated ethernet connections?


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Apple – Support – Discussions – Downloads Waiting – SOLVED! …. Interesting problem. Apparently this aggregate link causes a failure to download apps from the App Store. Michael J Keller II also helpfully shared the Apple support doc in how to do this.

I have never had to aggregate links simply because most companies I’ve worked for didn’t have the infrastructure or want to buy the ports for this. Still it is a great “best practice” to do.

Sending through Apple Mail hangs up

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CMCSK solves the issue. Another reason this can occur is if your message is too big (like over the limit of your ISP). Most ISP’s wont sent an email over 20 MB. This can also happen if your network is slow and your message is big. One client who had this issue was fixed by upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet on the switch. Pretty cheap these days.

Repair permissions and restarting your computer usually helps with app quirks. See if “rebuilding” helps – Mail/Mailbox/Rebuild

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via Apple – Support – Discussions – Sending hangs up ….

Seths Blog: Working with Apple Tech Support

AppleCare Error

Seths Blog: Working with Apple Tech Support. Nice set of instructions that could give you better service if Applecare is still in force.

Why I Take Good Care of My Macintosh – Poem

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Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

Tech Reflections – Digital Muse for Beat Poet – Nice article. Worth a read. Here is my attempt at mac poetry.

Why I Take Good Care of My Macintosh

By Gary Snyder

Because it broods under its hood like a perched falcon,

Because it jumps like a skittish horse and sometimes throws me,

Because it is poky when cold,

Because plastic is a sad, strong material that is charming to rodents,

Because it is flighty,

Because my mind flies into it through my fingers,

Because it leaps forward and backward, is an endless sniffer and searcher,

Because its keys click like hail on a boulder,

And it winks when it goes out,

And puts word-heaps in hoards for me, dozens of pockets of gold under boulders in streambeds, identical seedpods strong on a vine, or it stores bins of bolts;

And I lose them and find them,

Because whole worlds of writing can be boldly laid out and then highlighted and vanish in a flash at “delete,” so it teaches of impermanence and pain;

And because my computer and me are both brief in this world, both foolish, and we have earthly fates,

Because I have let it move in with me right inside the tent,

And it goes with me out every morning;

We fill up our baskets, get back home,

Feel rich, relax, I throw it a scrap and it hums.