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Mac 101: Using a scanner Mac OS X v10.6

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Mac 101: Using a scanner Mac OS X v10.6. It has a link to a list of supported scanners from different vendors. Good instructions from Apple knowledge base.


10.6.5, 10.6.6 Kernel Panic

Kernel panic in Mac OS X.

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Turns out the problem was bad ram.  Thanks orthorim.

I removed my NewerTech 8GB RAM from OWC, and replaced it with the original 4GB that the machine came with. Guess what – everything is hunky dory. No problems. Machine has been running for hours without crash, and I placed some stress on the RAM too.

I am now running on 10.6.6

Lesson learned: Don’t trust 3rd party RAM. Or at the very least, do some research before buying. See this thread on other issues with this RAM:

For my next machine, I’ll just buy the RAM from Apple. It’s overpriced, but in the end anything would be cheaper than spending 2 days installing, and re-installing, and testing my system.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – 10.6.5, 10.6.6 Kernel Panic ….


Nice list of iTunes & iPod Hints & Tips – Links to other resources

Links to other resources.  Some nice resources on this page.  For example, you can clean art Art.  Even has scripts for Windows iTunes users.

Apple’s Mac App Store troubleshooting advice Software Mac 911 Macworld

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Apple’s Mac App Store troubleshooting advice Software Mac 911 Macworld.  Ted always done a great job.  Some great links in this article.


You Can Uninstall the Mac App Store, But its Not Supported

You Can Uninstall the Mac App Store, But its Not Supported.  There were many people on the Apple forums who hated it.  They said they fear the Mac is turning into the iPhone iOS.  Perhaps it will.  Lets see what Apple has up its sleeve.  I’m open to change.  Apple has done a great job helping people stay current with technology in some ways.


Software Updates wont install in Snow Leopard

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Brenda Kauffman has the solution.

Well, I did it! I was reading some other discussion posts and someone suggested “Boot into Safe Mode. Hold shift key at the chime when restarting to let OS X run its maintenance routines” and doing it several times. So I did and then did a software update. This time it downloaded and updated with no problem. I hope this is helpful.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Software Updates wont install ….


Ten Must Have Mac Books To Read Mac Tricks And Tips

Ten Must Have Mac Books To Read Mac Tricks And Tips.  Some good suggestions here.  Its a starting place if you want to break into the wonderful world of helping people with Macintosh problems.

10.6.6 killed all Apple Apps


Apple – Support – Discussions – 10.6.6 killed all Apple Apps ….  Fixed by the combo update.  After an upgrade from one system version to another, if anything happens unusual, reapplying the combo download update can often solve the issue.