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Gaming Is the Most Popular Use For Tablets – Slashdot

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Gaming Is the Most Popular Use For Tablets – Slashdot. According to a survey 84% of tablet owners play games. Rich boys with their toys.

What Is Gorilla Glass?

It is not used in the iPhone but in many other smartphones and devices.  Pretty neat description of what it is.

via What Is Gorilla Glass?.

Book Review: The Change Game: How Todays Global Trends are Shaping Tomorrows Companies: Peter Lawrence: Books

The Change Game: How Todays Global Trends are Shaping Tomorrows Companies: Peter Lawrence: Books.  I don’t think this book said anything new that hasn’t’ been said before.  Disappointing.

Exporting and importing Outlook 2011 messages E-Mail

Exporting and importing Outlook 2011 messages E-Mail.  Some ideas and instructions on how to accomplish this.  Surprising that Entourage seemed to be better than this.

luckyBackup – backup and sync utility

“… a powerful, fast and reliable backup for Linux.”  Kind of cool.



via luckyBackup – backup and sync utility.

Some free iPhone apps to enjoy with toddlers


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Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News » Blog Archive iPhone apps to enjoy with toddlers «.  Some good ideas for some free iPhone apps you and your child may enjoy.


Two solutions for No sound from speakers on iPad

Apple – Support – Discussions – No sound from speakers ….

  1. From Arctic Frost: After reading this thread (yes, my sound stopped working on my iPad as well) it occurred to me this was a problem with the iPad dock. I had just finished charging my iPad with the dock when the sound didn’t work when I turned it on. I came to this thread and saw the references to the iPod saying “dock connected”. So I put my iPad back on the dock and held down the power button for a complete restart.Whlah, my sound now works fine! Hope this helps the rest of you:)

  2. From Jameskkk: Guys I figured it out !! Same thing happened to me, I was listening to music on iPad while doing dishes, and it fell into the sink… Don’t laugh it’s true. I was so frightened because I couldn’t get the sound to work just like you guys (showing connector sign on iPod page) Then the funniest thing happened, i used a hairdryer and blew through the connector hole and then I see that ******* sound sign appeared again. It worked for me anyways just want to share this. I don’t guarantee it’s gonna work for everyone but at least mine did Hahaha

Finally — multi-windowing under iOS

Finally — multi-windowing under iOS.  This DIY is pretty good.  It requires some effort but the result is fantastic.  This will probably void your warranty as well.