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MPlayer OSX Extended: Better alternative to VLC for RMVB? (via Believe in Miracles)


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Who uses RMVB files? Wouldn’t it be easier to just convert them?

VLC is always my first choice since I switched to MAC. VLC is good enough most of the time; however, It performs very poorly when playing my old RMVB videos, and it cannot display external subtitle file properly. MPlayer OSX Extended is superb in this territory. Work like a charm! PS: MPlayer OSX Extended is not the one in App Store. More

via Believe in Miracles

Interesting way to charge and sync an iPod and iPhone simultaneously duaLink Dual Sync/Charge Cable for iPod/iPhone: Electronics. For only $26 this is a great time saver. Especially good for couples who have an iPhone and iPod.

Use free or paid mac bandwidth monitoring apps

You can either pay $44 and use Rubbernet or use the free SurplusMeter.

Enabling Restrictions on iPad

IPad Tools, Tips and Fixes for iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod – StumbleUpon. I liked the first design of this site more than the current one. It looks like every other blog now which is kind of boring.

Looking for hidden setting for Mac OS X?

Apple Inc

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Secrets: All Secrets: page 1 – StumbleUpon. This is a great database. This could have even more useful secrets than Apple documentation.

Do you want to text to a group for free on the iPhone?

Disco Messenger for iPhone on the iTunes App Store. Pretty good reviews at the moment. This could be a great way for any kind of group management.

Why Cydia the alternative Apple App Store exists

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Jailbreaks and black market apps bite Apple – StumbleUpon. The founder Mr. Freeman who makes $250,000 in profit each year says:

”The whole point is to fight against the corporate overlord,” Mr Freeman said. ”This is a grassroots movement and that’s what makes Cydia so interesting. Apple is this ivory tower, a controlled experience, and the thing that really brought people into jailbreaking is that it makes the experience theirs.”

Nothing screams “obnoxiously rich” like these iPhone playing cards

Nothing screams. So would you go over to someones house carrying all of these? I can’t even imagine having this many iPhones.