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Virus on new machines-find out here


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Errata – Certified Pre-0wned – StumbleUpon. This isn’t surprising. Out of this list only twice has Apple been guilty of shipping a virus on their devices. Now that’s quality control for 20 years.

Don’t download Veohwebplayersetup.exe

Windows XP

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I did that on my XP running computer and Microsoft Security Essentials said it had the Open Candy advertising malware. I just deleted it and rebooting now. What a waste. Veoh came from a legitimate download site.

Sophos Anti-Virus For Mac Review Cult of Mac

Infected by Antivirus software

Sophos Anti-Virus For Mac Review Cult of Mac.  It isn’t technically a review but talks about it and some people share their experience with it.  My experience has been very positive.  In the first 24 hours it found two viruses.  One was java files, and the other was a movie file.  Deleting both of them solved the issue.


Variant of Booana Virus Found on the Mac MacLife

Variant of Booana Virus Found on the Mac MacLife.  I got my second virus today in a movie a friend let me borrow.  Great work Sophos!

Troj/JavaDl-J Trojan – Sophos security analysis

Troj/JavaDl-J Trojan – Sophos security analysis.  This was a virus/spyware that affects Windows that was found on my mac.  It was a java class.  I found this because I did a scan with the free Sophos for Mac for home use.

Sophos releases free Mac anti-virus package

Sophos releases free Mac anti-virus package.  I have used this product in a company I once worked for and never had a problem with it.  It worked much better than ClamX or Mcafee Virex.

Avast Decompression bombs in Mac

Apple – Support – Discussions – Avast Decompression bombs ….  Barbara Daniels has great advice and links.  Thanks!

Re: Avast Decompression bombs
Posted: Oct 15, 2010 9:40 PM    in response to: Gwial
You might want to take a look at this older thread:

From what I gathered from it, you do not need to worry about it. The question is: why did you feel the need to install this software? These anti-virus apps sometimes cause more problems than they fix, especially since there are no known viruses for Mac at this time. Please read this excellent article:

How to keep your Windows machine virus free? « The Sole Witness

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...
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How to keep your Windows machine virus free? « The Sole Witness.  This guy would rather do some time consuming steps instead of buying an anti-virus.  While this suggestion will reduce the chance of an infection it does not eliminate it.