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Want inspiration for beautiful animated GIF’s?

There’s no describing these beautiful animated GIFs, you have to see them yourself – TNW Shareables. These are a good way to do animation and not require flash and block mobile devices from seeing them. Nice collection. Gives you some ideas to use on your own pages.

Ponyo art

ponyo_loves_sosuke_by_duss005.jpg from – StumbleUpon. This was a touching animation about Ponyo who loves a land dweller. She gave up significant powers for love. I have watched this filmmaker other movies and they are touching as well.

Your heartbeat could recharge your iPod – StumbleUpon

Iron Man in his Bleeding Edge armor. Cover art...

Image via Wikipedia

Your heartbeat could recharge your iPod – StumbleUpon. So this is the opposite of Iron Man’s problem. He needed power to keep his heart alive. Has anyone tried to watch the cartoon of Iron Man on Netflix? I did yesterday and the quality is terrible. Not the video, but the cartooning itself. I’ve seen 20-year-old Anime that looked better.

Your skin is the new control pad via BBC

Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide – StumbleUpon. It is about time.  What is holding up the voice interface? Is it really that expensive?  Voice control software gets high grades in reviews.  Is it just the limited vocabulary that it keeping it away from total voice control?

Bird photo with fruit

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Looks great doesn’t it?

Does it get any better than this? [Explore] photo

Disney park tram and sub shot.

3/365 Mickey Mouse photo


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Then Mickey is in charge of things.

No et detingues / No te detengas / Don’t stop photo

What do you think he is thinking?