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Time spent with a newspaper in 2006 and in 2010

why-online-news-revenue-will-never-equal-newspaper-revenue-o.png from… – StumbleUpon. I had no idea so little time was being spend on news. Only 1 min and 12 seconds a day. How can you understand anything like that?

How to adjust to a new environment

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I have had the fortune to move to a new environment in another state. It has been a little stressful and I wanted to share some ideas that may make moving to a new place easier for you.

  1. Allow yourself time to adjust. I have been in my new place less than a week yet I want to continue with my life as though I had never left my previous place. It takes time to learn geography, culture, weather and so many other less defined things. I found it helpful to meditate and to allow to absorb my environment.
  2. Make time to connect to others. This is always important but even more so when moving to a new place. Take every opportunity to attend every social event you can. Find a group to join, and hang out in the popular places. Be friendly and be interested in others.
  3. Be open to feeling a little odd at first. You aren’t going to reflect your society in your first week. It might take a month or a year. Be ok with sometimes feeling strange, and admitting your discomfort. Often when you feel awkward so do others. Being emotionally honest is a very helpful thing in making friends.
  4. When you love life, look for ways to share your enthusiasm with others. Invite others to do things in public. Invite and don’t expect, but just give people opportunities to get to know you. Often people can be shy and not share who they are because of their own fears.
  5. Smile and laugh. Look for ways to enjoy life. If others are around you great, great. If they are not, that is ok too, because a naturally happy person soon attracts attention.

Facebook shoots first, ignores questions later; account lock-out attack works

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Facebook shoots first, ignores questions later; account lock-out attack works. I guess when you are the 800 lb gorilla you get to decide the rules don’t you? I wonder how long until the Anti-Facebook backlash?

Want sharp brain till old age? Social activity is the mantra TheMedGuru – StumbleUpon

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Want sharp brain till old age? Social activity is the mantra TheMedGuru – StumbleUpon. Join a club or crash a party. Better yet go back to college and attend events!

Moving to self-hosted solution

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Hello readers, today I am starting to move to a self-hosted solution. Why? Because I was approached to have a banner ad and I would like to explore what self-hosting is like. So expect to see more articles about plug-ins and features for self-hosted WP sites.

It looks like there is an upgrade to WP today. There is a writing helper and Request feedback option below my new post. I wonder if this means that they are working towards optimizing SEO?

Stolen Camera Finder – find your photos, find your camera

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Stolen Camera Finder – find your photos, find your camera. This is a good idea. Probably it will catch more innocent then guilty people however. Innocent because the average person won’t know they have a hot camera.

Reading allows us to belong to fictitious groups (via A Man With A Ph.D.)

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It is amazing why they need to research this. Just go to an Anime convention and tell me they don’t believe they are psychologically part of a community.

How Reading Expands the Sense of Self [Via Big Think] New psychological research out of the University of Buffalo demonstrates how, “When we read, we psychologically become part of the community described in the narrative—be they wizards or vampires. That mechanism satisfies the deeply human, evolutionarily crucial, need for belonging.” [More] This fits with my previous post – about how expanded our caring circles are compared with ot … Read More

via A Man With A Ph.D.

U.S. Feds get warrants to mine Facebook accounts (via )

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I commented on this article and said this:
Interesting. Why is there always money and time to catch the average citizen, but never enough to investigate and prosecute companies that make millions of dollars? Maybe having a Facebook account will help the government find out the truth of the BP oil spill.

Even the White House is helping this process. or click here.

U.S. Feds get warrants to mine Facebook accounts As if Facebook wasn’t already enough of a data mining operation, judges are allowing Feds to access account information such as addresses, telephone numbers, friends’ lists in order to… you guessed it: ‘fight crime’. By Robert Snell The Detroit News April 25, 2011 Federal investigators in Detroit have taken the rare step of obtaining search warrants that give them access to Facebook accounts of suspected criminals. The warrants let investigator … Read More