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Want to learn iWork Numbers?

Some great video tutorials here. Short 10 second intro.

What to do when your Numbers’ charts don’t paste correctly

This is a good hint. Apparently you need to use the Group command.

Good news! Sales of Apple’s iWork office suite surge 50% in 2009

I never really understood the appeal of iWork since it seems so limited once you have used Office for Mac.  Read more here.

iWeb & iWork: Applications may suddenly quit after updating to Mac OS X v10.6.2

Fortunately the fix is easy.  Just reboot in safe mode by holding down your shift key when you restart your Mac.  Then restart your computer.  It should be fixed.  Click here if you want more info.

Apple Polishes Spreadsheets With Numbers

“Mac guy Merlin Mann says Numbers is like the Excel librarian who ditches her horn-rims, opens a button and shakes her hair.”  Click here to find out.

Auto-saving for iWork (or for anything for that matter)

Great tool.  Its nice when you have one tool that does something well.  Click here to get details.

A post chockful of iLife ‘09 and Work ‘09 reviews and tips

Very nice collection of links and helpful website.  Click here.

MathType + iWork = ?

Nice post that explains that you can use MathType in iWork.  Click here to read more.