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Is Pages or Numbers hanging when you try to open an existing doc or create a new one?

Do you have any shady printer drivers installed?  Thats what happened with svn.  His solution? “It appears iWork hanged on my printer(s) configurated.
Also the pref. pane wouldnt open, that’s how I found the problem.

Deleted /etc/cups/printers.conf and the problem was solved.

I did have some shady windows printers installed..”

Numbers App makes spreadsheets fun!

Well this article would want you to believe it  Numbers Turns Scut Work to Fun Work.  Numbers can be fun if they are working for you.

How to create a weekday block easily in Numbers 09

Barry has a brilliant suggestion for this.  Some simple programming but it works great.

“For dates in column B, starting in B2.
Enter the first Monday date (May 10) in B2.
Select B2, then drag the round control at the lower right down four rows to B6 (May 14).
Click on B7 and enter =B2+7
Select B7 and drag the control down as many rows as you need.”

Having problems copying data to Numbers from Excel?

Barry’s explanation is a little long but correct.  The poster did say it resolved the issue.

Launch specific Numbers 09 Spreadsheet?

Interesting problem.  If you are into Applescript you can find a possible solution here.

Limiting stepper results in Numbers 09

Of course.  Isn’t this obvious to everyone?  Thanks Barry! “Here’s an alternate method.

You’ll need two unused cells. I used E1 and F1. These establish the maximum permissible value for A1 and B1 respectively.

In E1: =C1-B1
In F1: =C1-A1

Condition for A1: Greater than E1

Condition for B1: Greater than F1

I set the action to fill bright red, text white. Both cells will change at the same time.


How can you copy Chart and Legend together in Numbers 09?

Yvan once again comes to the rescue.  “Question asked and responded several times.

Here is my own response updated :
Select the chart and its legend.
Group the objects.
Copy the group in a Pages document, export this document as RTF.
Control click the .rtfd file which will be created.
Select “Show Package Contents”.
You will see the content of the doc. One file is a PDF containing the chart with its legend.

Some times ago, I wrote an AppleScript automating the process.
Go to my iDisk:

For_iWork:iWork ’
Expand it,
double click on “saveChart.applescript”
Read the given explanations and apply them.”

Is iWork functional on the iPad?

It is bizarre the kind of limitations it has.  You can read more from Mr. Garcia here. “–iWork: ’09 files only. iPad iWork Apps do grant access to–
For iWork users, the iPad may support Microsoft formats, but it does NOT support iWork ’08. If you want to have your iPad and Mac work off the same files, you need iWork ’09 on your Mac. However, an interesting remedy (which I haven’t tried fully yet) is In order to participate in the beta of the site, you need iWork ’09 or an iWork app for the iPad. (I was a little suprised, but I was able to sign up for and activate just owning Numbers for iPad, and not iWork ’09) From there, you should be able to interact with your documents using Safari on your Mac, without iWork ’09. Considering the time of year, I can’t justify upgrading to it, so I intend to try this solution until the next iWork comes out. The downsides are, of course, cloud computing, and does not seem to allow creation of new documents, only working with existing ones uploaded from iPad or Mac. What that means is I must create a document on my iPad to work with it on And by interesting extension, while works with all 3 apps, since I only have Numbers, I can’t use to use Pages or Keynote in the cloud on the cheap, as I can’t create a document without owning their appropriate app.”