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iMovie for iPhone 4: Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

iPhone 4
Image by lecates via Flickr

iMovie for iPhone 4: Frequently Asked Questions FAQ.  Everything you want to know and probably some things you hadn’t thought were possible.  You can create transitions for example.

Having issues with slow iMovie performance?

This article iMovie ’09: Slow performance when exporting video gives you some insight into how long you should expect iMovie to be busy . It also gives some important troubleshooting and optimization tips.

iMovie ’09: iMovie may not load or recognize iPhoto Videos

From an Apple article. What an oversight.  Well at least there is a workaround.

moving to right or left a picture in picture video

This post tells you how to achieve this.  The poster solved his own question.  “I figured it out. Hold down the command key when you move the video and for precise frame by frame alignment, use the arrow keys.”

Want to understand how to better manage iMovie libraries?

This thread has several great suggestions.  Even a suggestion for a book from Wiley.  Could be helpful if you are a beginner.

Does iMovie has a maximum clip length or size?

It seems too according to these posters who seem to only be able to make clips that are 30/35 minutes.  It may be related to size with a 2GB on .mov files.  No clear information on this found.

Final Cut Express FCP vs. iMovie review

This review discusses the relative merits of FCP vs. iMovie.  Clearly its not about the features, but more about the interface and the way that the author feels about the usability.  If someone is thinking of making movies, this review gives you some reasons why possibly spending more might save you time and effort in the long run.

How can iMovie delete the video and keep the audio?

That is easy!  Thanks AppleMan1958! “SHARE/EXPORT TO QUICKTIME using an audio-only codec like AIFF. AIFF can be editing in GarageBand and used in iMovie as an audio track.”