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Why women are crabby : The Email Joke Graveyard – StumbleUpon. Well not surprisingly the men in the comments don’t agree and I am one of them. I wrote this in response:

Why Women should be glad who they are

Why do you think that most sex change operations are men seeking to become women? Because men have such a wonderful life? Or is it because they feel deep down that being female is who they feel themselves to be.

You skip the most important parts of being a woman. It isn’t having pain or of the stages of a woman’s life. You forget that women get to experience the miracle of life and birth, a privilege that many men would love to be able to experience even with the pain.

You don’t mention that women can have close female relationships and are free from many of the same societal expectations men face. You forget to mention that men die sooner, have shorter lives, and have a higher rate of disease. Men are clearly weaker in many ways, and our shorter lives prove it.

Women experience multiple orgasms easier than men can. Some men can do it, but it is comparatively rare compared to women. Women have mating opportunities in numbers that men only dream about. Even good-looking, smart or great men don’t get the same kind of approaching that even an average women gets. Be honest. Even ugly women can get a boyfriend, when often men who possess multiple admirable qualities do not.

It is the easiest thing to focus on the pain in life, but try to remember what the joys of being a woman are. Try not to forget that if gender were a choice the numbers would be far different. Try to realize that it is the inner person who chooses to enjoy life, not the details of whatever body you were born into.

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