Which is the best self-hosted WP host?

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I did some research because I am thinking of moving to a self-hosted WP host. It seems based on other people’s shared experiences that the top two are HostGater and Bluehost. Both seem to offer great performance, reliability and service. I have had clients who used MediaTemple and it was very slow. One client in particular moved from MediaTemple to Bluehost and their site was instantly responsive without any other changes.

Has anyone used HostGater and Bluehost that had a bad experience? I want to stay away from GoDaddy because of their questionable business practices.

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  1. With WordPress.com you are free from administration responsibility, paying money, you have freedom (FOSS), you have the excellent support, the excellent community, the clean and simple interface, an excellent uptime, very good SEO.

    If the main goal is to make a blog with content, and not anything flashy, wordpress.com is the best.

    You might like to have a look at WordPress.com Top 10 Features at my place.

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