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Im not sure I believe you – StumbleUpon. This person said:

I’m not much of a skeptic.  I don’t spend a lot of time interacting with people who believe that alternative medicine is as affective as real medication, well I don’t spend time discussing it with them because the energy is not worth it, and so they’re tuned out and I don’t engage with their beliefs.  Actual engagement is saved for people who are unlikely to be offended by me pointing out the fallacies in their arguments, and for whom I have an answer, for I am not all that educated in medicine, biology or science.  I have a background in science – specifically chemistry and physics (I was going to be an Engineer).

So I responded in a comment thusly:

Interesting. So if you have a background in chemistry and physics you are probably aware of Morphic fields, quantum entanglement, and action at a distance. I have used an alternative therapy that uses all of these scientific concepts and more. It even healed my dogs allergies in addition to my own. I wonder how my dogs beliefs allowed them to heal? In addition my doctor treats babies, and they show improvements as well. Perhaps they are smarter than some adults?

Why don’t you try something before you knock it like NMT?

Lovely blog style. GMTA.


Isn’t it interesting that people who claim to be open-minded never actually try the things they dismiss?

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