Cory Doctorow is an Idiot (via The Daily Drinker)

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I have been reading comments from other Internet posters that many tech sites are taking themselves too seriously and alienating their audience. Not just BoingBoing, but also Engadget, and Gizmodo. Taking BB as an example they were rated #1 blog in 2004/2005. Since then they removed their comment sections, only to restore it later. Now comments are highly policed and really only one way. That is against the spirit of the Internet and it is no doubt why they are lowering their raking in Technorati where they are currently #9 tech blog. Two months ago they were at #5.

Theres a technology blog out there called BoingBoing. Its supposed to be about technology and society. Unfortunately its got a lot of Canadians on the editorial staff who like to complain, bitterly, about politics and general American culture. None of this has anything to do with technology. So like that other crappy tech blog, Gizmodo, it looks like BoingBoing is going the way of other over inflated egotistical tech blogs. Im going to start … Read More

via The Daily Drinker

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