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Don’t read this if you are sensitive to language. She (updated) shares a typical scenario when hard drives fail.

I’ve dealt with failed power supplies on external hard drives before, but in my latest bout (clocking in at 1.5 months of technological drama), I’ve hit the motherlode of hard drive nightmares. After a failed DiskWarrior attempt ($99 – And no, they never responded to my inquiry about a refund. Not even an automated “DiskWarrior is nonrefundable.”), failed We Fix Macs data transfer (No charge, bless their hearts.), and numerous calls to LaCie head … Read More

via The Maykazine

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  1. Thanks, I’m a she. And all those F-bombs? Definite evidence of frustration.

    • I’ve witnessed more failures of LaCies than any other external hard drive brand. I only use external hard drives with multiple disks when its important. A few hundred dollars but it gives you a better chance of having your data recoverable. Have you tried a file recovery software called Disk Drill? I have written about it before and it has worked for me.

  2. I haven’t heard of Disk Drill but at this point (multiple runs of Disk Warrior, taking it to a physical repair shop, sending it off to DriveSavers), anything that might run Utilities is ill-advised. The thing is basically physically failing and I am resigned to send it back from whence it came.
    I had a G-Drive before, and when that power supply failed I figured LaCie was the logical next jump. (I worked in Apple retail for about two years, and clearly LaCie has a good enough relationship with Apple to be well-stocked on their shelves.) Considering getting my data back from LaCie (Fingers crossed.), transferring everything (170 GB) over to a different company’s drive, and selling that LC to someone else. I’m just disgusted, but unfortunately, not made of money.
    It could be that simply because of the availability of LaCie drives and their strong presence and market share, you see them come back more often. Do you recommend one company over all of them?

    • I think that Segate is the best HD brand personally. They have a 5 year warranty and I have never had a problem with an external failure. I had one internal failure, but due to power problems on that server I can’t place the blame there. You can look here:
      I think for you the BlackArmor series although more pricey would be a safer way.

      I think the reason LaCie is popular with Apple is that their relationship goes back many years with external SCSI HD and other devices. They produced for Apple when many manufacturers did not. So I suspect there is some sweetheart deal going on. I don’t think they are the best devices based on what I have read on the Internet as well.

      If you don’t like Seagate, then I have had good experience with Hitachi drives as well. Hitachi is used in high end SAN systems and I think that says volumes about their reliability.

      Absolutely avoid: Western Digital(especially bad at externals), IBM (just ask some people about the DeathStar Drives), Maxtor and Iomega. Both M & I tend to be junk, although they usually are affordable.

      • Thanks for your feedback!

        The silverish lining on all of this is that I will be backing up “the backup drive” to my Mozy account as well. Such bitter irony that I didn’t do it before.

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